Wedding Announcement Cards Examples

6+ Online Wedding Announcement Card Examples [FREE Download]

A wedding is a beautiful event without any exaggeration. It is not an event that is limited to the bride and groom at all. It instead spreads the pleasance all around. Everyone from among friends and family members is used to enjoy weddings. Tell you what; it is the participation of people that makes the event look alive. It is the presence of people that adds colors and cheerful voices in the halls and rooms. This is why both bride and groom like to invite their loved ones on the wedding occasion by using a card.

A wedding is announced by using some formal and traditional means. Traditions and culture drive everything at a wedding, but religion also has its role to play. Most of the wedding rituals are carried out in light of the religious teachings of the wedding couple. A wedding announcement is therefore designed by using a mixture of cultural traditions and religious values.

Some people like to surprise receivers by sending a teaser, while others like to inform them upfront. It is the kind of relation in general that defines the mode of the statement in the wedding invitation. A wedding invitation card is the most common tool that is in business for ages. People have also been used to send messengers in the recent past but sending a card is an essential part of modern-day wedding invitations.

Why are wedding announcement cards created?

A wedding announcement card, also known as a wedding invitation card, is one of the most commonly used tools. It is an essential part of modern-day weddings. People have been used to create paper cards in the recent past, but sending an electronic card is also fast becoming a fashion. It is usually done to send a message of environmental conservation. Saving paper means saving trees and nature ultimately. One can have a lot of options when it comes to designing a wedding invitation card.

Announcing a wedding can become an easy task to accomplish when you decide to use a wedding card for this task. It offers you space as well as options to draft an outstanding card in no time. It does not matter whether you decide to make a paper card or an electronic card; the basic format will remain the same. One will require designing a card layout before printing or sending an electronic card to the receiver. Below you can find 6 beautifully and professionally designed Wedding Announcement Card Templates in Microsoft Word format.

Download MS Word Templates

#1 – Romantic 

Best Romantic Wedding Announcement IDEA

#2 – Elegant

Elegant Wedding Announcement Card for MS Word

#3 – Floral

Floral Wedding Announcement Card Template

#4 – With PHOTOs

Wedding Announcement Card with PHOTO

#5 – Red Roses

Editable Wedding Announcement Template [Red Rose]

#6 – Vintage

Vintage Wedding Announcement Card Template

How to design a wedding card layout?

Wedding announcement cards can serve the purpose of sending splendidly carved invitations only when they are perfectly designed. A perfectly designed card is the only thing that can announce a wedding in a fabulous fashion. This is why people love to lay the foundation that is required for perfectly designing wedding invitation cards. A fine class layout can be designed by keeping the following factors in mind. These are essential elements that need to be used to design a card in a proper manner.

Details about the bride and groom

The first and foremost part of every wedding announcement card is the segment that introduces the bride and groom. It carries the details about the bride and groom and lets a receiver know about who two people are going to tie the knot. It will carry the names of the couple along with the names of their parents. It may also add some other details like the qualification or professional information of a person. This is when we see the word Dr. Esq. or Eng. at the start of the name. But that is not a common practice as the card is supposed to carry the names in general.

Date and time of the wedding

A wedding announcement card without having a date and time embedded in it is of no use for the receivers. This is why the date and time of the wedding are added right after mentioning the names of the bride and the groom. It lets people prepare for the wedding and no mixing anything that is described in the details to follow. The date and time of the wedding is the second most important headline of the wedding invitation card.

The venue of the wedding

A home is not often a wedding destiny in most cases as people cannot just accommodate hundreds of guests in a small house. The marquees, wedding halls, and wedding palaces remain the only option to use in such a scenario. This is why mentioning the venue of the wedding is so vital. Every wedding announcement card will disseminate about the venue in an explicit manner. Every receiver is expecting to see the details of the venue and this is why they are provided in detail.

Picture of the bride and the groom

Pictures of the bride and groom have never been an essential part of the wedding invitation cards. But in recent times, people have started adding pictures to the cards. A wedding card can be adorned with flowers or petals, but still, one can add pictures if one deems it fit to add them on the invitation cards. The card layout should be planned for all particulars in this regard.

Theme and graphics

Last but not least is the theme of a wedding invitation card. Since a card is designed for a wedding, therefore one should be ready to add some sparkling colors. Using a decent theme coupled with striking colors is a necessary part of every single card designed to announce weddings. The most common backgrounds used are silver-white or off-white backgrounds coupled with a red outline. The border is sometimes designed as purple, while red is a common choice for many people. A ready-made wedding invitation card template can also be considered to get the right kind of inspiration in this regard. A great variety of wedding invitation templates is readily available online.

By adding all of the above-described elements, one can surely come up with a striking wedding card. The card can then be used to announce a wedding and invite all the loved ones for the carnival to come. A splendid wedding card template can also prove productive in this regard.