Travel Agency ID (Identity) Card Templates

Free Download 10+Travel Agency ID Card Templates for MS Word

If you are working in a travel agency or you have your travel agency, you will need an ID card for identification purposes.

What is a travel agency ID card?

A travel agency ID card is used for identification purposes. It seamlessly identifies the person who owns the ID card.

Why travel agency ID card used?

A travel agency ID card is a crucial identification tool that resolves many issues pertaining to the identification of the cardholder. This is the reason; travel agencies these days like to use ID cards. Many people are working in a travel agency on different posts. Every person has his own identity, and it is important to identify every individual. This reduces the chances of wrong identification. Apart from this, there are also many other situations in which a travel agency finds it hard to survive without using an ID card.

Travel agency ID card templates:

If you are looking for a template for your travel agency that you and other people representing the travel agency can use smoothly, the following printable and editable templates are the best tool for you to utilize. These templates are capable of providing many competent ID cards that are not unique but also very decent and professional looking in their appearance.

The structure and the format of the card provided by the template are amazing and very impressive. The use of these free templates saves the user from having to create his card from scratch. Additionally, some companies also get away from hiring a graphic designer for creating and designing the ID card for a travel agency.

Editable Horizontal Cards

Dimensions: 3.38 x 2.13 inches

Vertical ID Cards

Dimensions: 2.13 x 3.38 inches

What are the details to be added to the ID card?

The main components of the travel agency ID card are:

  1. Name and logo of the travel agency:

    The ID used by the travel company must show the name of the company as well as the logo of the company on the card. This is important to mention because the ID card should reflect that to which company it belongs.

  2. The theme of the travel agency:

    Every business has its theme that is reflected through its business cards, letterheads, and ID cards. The travel agency should also reflect the theme on the ID card. The theme lets people identify the company readily at first sight.

  3. Details of the card owner:

    The person who owns the cardholder is the actual owner of the cardholder. Therefore, the ID card should contain the cardholder’s information, including his name, latest photograph, contact details, the designation of the cardholder in the company, and much more.

  4. Card number:

    There is a unique number that is assigned to every person who owns an ID card. This number differentiates one card from other cards. This unique number should be seen on the ID card because it also shows the ID card a person is wearing is authentic.