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Download 20+ FREE Ticket Voucher Templates for MS Word

What is a Ticket Voucher Template?

A ticket is essentially a pass that grants entry or access to a particular event, premises, or service. Most tickets are bought against money and are used to avail a service or experience; for instance, soccer tickets could be bought to watch the game live. However, ticket voucher do not work in a similar way. Ticket vouchers are quite different because firstly, they are mostly given out as a gift or a reward to customers by organizations. Secondly, they can be used in the place of money to buy a product or avail a service offered by that organization.

Why do Organizations Issue Ticket Vouchers?

Since ticket vouchers are not sold to customers, it is clear that organizations do not earn a profit through them. One might wonder, why is it then that businesses still choose to create and distribute ticket vouchers amongst their customers and incur a cost. The answer is quite simple. Ticket vouchers are one of the few examples of marketing tools that organizations use. They are a great way to reward some of your business’s most loyal customers.

Ticket vouchers can really increase word of mouth and positive sentiments for your brand amongst the customers. Thus, even though enterprises might not be earning any tangible profit through them, they deserve goodwill, positive recall, and recognition often proves to be more profitable in the long run.

Printing Medium for Your Ticket Vouchers

You must choose the printing medium for your ticket vouchers exceptionally carefully as it could impact how the template design ends up looking. Using regular paper is not advisable as it could easily be torn and does not look appealing. It might be a good idea to use glossy chart paper, which is sturdy and firm.

Download FREE Ticket Vouchers for any Event

Below you can download 20 FREE Ticket Voucher templates to attract more attendees or participants to your events. These are easily customizable and are available in print ready Microsoft Word formats.

#1 – For a Basketball League

Basketball Ticket Gift Voucher Template

#2 – For a BOOK Festival

Ticket Voucher Template for a BOOK Festival

#3 – Bus Ticket Voucher

Bus Ticket Voucher Sample Format MS Word

#4 – Annual Carnival

Blank Carnival Ticket Voucher Template for MS Word

#5 – Admit One Ticket

Admit One Ticket Voucher Example - MS Word

#6 – For a Casino

Editable MS Word Casino Ticket Voucher

#7 – Christmas Gift Voucher

Best Christmas Gift Voucher / Ticket Sample [IDEA]

#8 – Cinema Ticket Voucher

Free Cinema / Movie Ticket Voucher Template

#9 – Concert Ticket

Printable Concert Ticket GIFT Voucher for MS Word

#10 – Discount Voucher

FREE Discount Ticket Voucher Design IDEA

#11 – Drink Ticket Voucher

Best Drink Ticket Voucher Example in MS Word

#12 – Flight Voucher

Customizable Flight Ticket Voucher Template

#13 – For a Football League

Printable Football Ticket Gift Voucher Sample

#14 – Meal Voucher

Download FREE Meal Ticket Voucher Template Design

#15 – Movie Ticket Voucher

Blank Movie Ticket Voucher Template for MS Word

#16 – Parking Voucher

Parking Ticket Voucher MS Word Example

#17 – Airline GIFT Voucher

Plane / Airline Ticket GIFT Voucher Template

#18 – Mega Mall Gift Voucher

Editable Ticket GIFT Voucher Template Word

#19 – Raffle Voucher

Printable Raffle Ticket Voucher Template

#20 – Winning Ticket Voucher

Winning Ticket Voucher Template [Free MS Word]

How to Design Your Ticket Voucher Template?

As mentioned above, ticket vouchers are marketing tools; thus, a ticket voucher template should be designed in keeping the marketing objectives of the business in mind. Following are the steps that you can follow to design your own ticket voucher template.

  1. Look for an inspiration: Before you get started, it is good to brainstorm and look for ideas and inspirations. This activity will help create a sketch in your mind and guide you in how to go about designing your ticket voucher template.

  2. Start Designing: Once you have a mental sketch ready, you can get started with the designing part. You can either download a template and make changes to it or start from scratch to come up with a more customized version.

  3. Mention all the essential details: It is extremely important to mention all the necessary information such as the validity period, amount of the voucher, and other terms and conditions on the voucher so that there is no confusion. These can go on the back of the voucher.

  4. Save and Print: Once you are done, save your template so that it could be reused later and print out the ticket vouchers.