Student ID (Identity) Card Templates for MS Word

10+ Student Identity Card Templates for MS Word [DOWNLOAD]

It has become crucial for every organization to identify each and every member related to it currently. This is because there has been a sudden surge in security-related risks, and we can see that many people have their lives at risk due to this. Just like any other institute, schools have also started to put serious efforts into making their members secure. The Student ID card is one of the key factors that schools and other educational institutes use when it comes to taking steps to save people’s lives.

Educational institutes issue the ID card to students, teaching staff, the staff in administration and management of the school, and whatnot. One of the primary Id cards is a student ID card.

What is a student ID card?

It is a type of identification card that educational institutes issue to their students. These cards are used as a tool to identify and recognize the student. When a student wants to enter the premises of the institute he has been enrolled in, he has to show the ID card at the entrance.

Uses of student ID cards:

As a matter of fact, a student ID card has plenty of uses. It is not only used for identification purposes anymore. Some of the key benefits of these ID cards are:

  1. A student ID card is proof of identity:

    An educational institute issues the ID card to only those students who are genuinely enrolled in that institute. It implies that not everyone can have this certificate. Therefore, those who have ID cards can prove that they have been issued the ID card from the institute.

  2. It enables the student to get access to the institute’s property:

    There are certain areas in the educational institute where only those people are allowed to go who have permission. When a student wants to visit the library or computer lab of the university or college, he will have to show an ID card. Without revealing the ID card, the student cannot be given access to these areas of the institute.

  3. The student gets many privileges:

    Many courses across the world are only for those students who are currently enrolled somewhere. For example, many graduate and undergraduate scholarships are for students who are currently studying. They have to submit a copy of their ID card with the application form as proof that their current status is recognized as a student.

Horizontal Student Identity Card Format [Doc]

Dimensions: 3.38 x 2.13 inches

These days, there is not even a single institute that does not issue the ID card to its student. It means every institute needs to have an ID card template in Microsoft Word format that can be used to create ID cards in bulk. These cards are then filled with relevant information about the student before they are issued to the student. The template makes it easy to deal with the process of creating the ID card and then filling it with details. It can then be printed on the desired paper.

Student ID Card Format for MS Word

Vertical ID Cards

Dimensions: 2.13 x 3.38 inches