Soccer Ticket Templates

Download FREE 10+ Soccer Ticket Templates in MS Word Format

What is Soccer Ticket Template Used for?

Soccer is one of the most popular sport all around the world, and there are millions of people who closely follow soccer games and love to watch a live match from the stands every once in a while. Soccer ticket templates are basically used to design tickets for soccer games.

One would probably think it unnecessary to have soccer ticket templates as any generic ticket template could be downloaded off the internet and printed out. However, with big games, every detail matters, and fancy tickets that are relevant with the theme of soccer serve as a marketing tool as they entice fans into buying the tickets to watch their favorite teams play live.  Thus, a ticket template tailor-made for soccer is much needed to sell out the game.

Choose the Theme for Your Soccer Ticket Wisely

Try making your soccer ticket template fun and relevant. The relevance could be added by choosing a theme for your ticket template that is coherent with the teams playing at the game. For instance, it would be a great idea to incorporate jersey colors of both the competing teams on your ticket so that it becomes indicative of who is playing and also looks fun and attractive. There are various soccer ticket templates available below in Microsoft Word format, you can either use them as it is or take inspiration from them for selecting the theme for your template.

#1 – Football League

Football Ticket MS Word Template [Free Download]

#2 – Game Ticket

Editable Soccer Game Ticket Template

#3 – Soccer Camp

Modern Soccer Camp Ticket Design

#4 – Soccer Event

Soccer Event Ticket Template

#5 – Annual Soccer Party

Printable Soccer Party Ticket Example

#6 – Raffle Ticket for Soccer

FREE Raffle Ticket Template for Soccer

#7 – Birthday Party

Soccer Birthday Party Invitation Ticket Template

#8 – Championship

Soccer Admission Ticket Sample

#9 – Christmas Gift Ticket

Soccer Gift Ticket Template for Christmas

#10 – Birthday Invitation

Soccer Birthday Invitation Ticket Template

What Should be the Size of Your Soccer Ticket?

Tickets need to be very easy to carry and fit into a pocket, wallet, or purse very easily. Thus, even though there is no one set dimension for a ticket, their size should be decided, keeping in mind the customer’s  convenience. When designing a soccer ticket template, it is easy to get too ambitious and want to add more and more stuff to the template which would eventually end up increasing size dimensions more than they should have been.

A good way to control this is to set the size of the template first and then start designing it and making sure that you only keep the stuff that fits into the intended size and lose the remaining. 

What to Add in Your Soccer Ticket to Make it Attractive?

Make sure that your football ticket template is fun but do not forget the necessary elements that need to be mentioned on there. The venue, date, and time along with the names of the teams playing, must be mentioned on the ticket; otherwise, the purpose of the ticket would be defeated. Once you have made sure that all the necessary elements are mentioned on the ticket, then it is time to make it more attractive.

This could be done through adding graphics and images if there is enough space left on the template. Pictures of the most popular players from either of the two teams could be added to make it appealing to the fans. Make sure you use colors, font styles, and sizes that instantly pop and stand out.