Best School Certificate Templates

40+ Free Printable School Certificate Templates for MS Word

As a parent or a school staff member, you must have come across the certificates displaying the student’s achievement and filling you with pride. Well, these simple documents appear to hold immense importance in both your and the student’s life. The document has an underlying significance that most of us do not realize. Let’s read more to unravel about the school certificate.

In today’s article, learn all about Best School Certificate Templates, including:

  • Difference between a certificate, diploma, and degree
  • Types of school certificates
  • What are the school certificate templates?
  • Essential components
  • How to compose it? 
  • Importance of school certificate templates

Certificate VS Diploma VS Degree

Often, people confuse the three award terms, i.e., Certificate, Diploma, and Degree. Although there’s no harm in using the terms interchangeably as their prime concept remains common, it’s better to educate yourself about the difference between the three terms.

An individual earns a degree in 2-4 years or more from colleges and universities. After earning this professional degree, one can call him or herself an expert in the field.

On the contrary, a diploma refers to six months or one-year-long learning programs in technical or vocational fields. These, too, declare your expertise in the field.

Certificates, however, are concerned with both academics as well as vocational and technical fields. In academics, one receives school certificates throughout school life for extraordinary performance and participation in extracurricular. Later, when the student enrolls in a one-year-long college or university program to enhance professional skills and specialize in a particular area. These are known as graduate or undergraduate certificates.

Other than that, vocational and technical institutions also award certificates when one completes a year or two long programs.

Types of School Certificates

If you remember, school life is comprised of bundles of appreciation. Whether the student is participating in a song competition, essay writing competition, or any other competition, you received a certificate not only for securing a position but also only for participating. Apart from that, if any student had complete attendance, took exceptional care of hygiene, supported team or class members, contributed to the community, or scored the highest marks in a particular subject, received appreciation for that too. Teachers and staff preferred leaving a memorable token in the form of documented appreciation, i.e., a Certificate.

And for the same reason, we have several different types of school certificates. The following are only a few categories from the wide-ranging list:

Diploma Certificate Templates for MS Word

#1 – College

College Diploma Certificate Template

#2 – Graduation

Diploma of Graduation Certificate

#3 – High School

High School Diploma Completion Certificate

#4 – Kindergarten

Kindergarten Diploma Certificate Example

#5 – Preschool

Preschool Diploma Certificate Design

#6 – Kids

Academic School Certificates for MS Word

Even though the school gives us academics and lessons that come into use in different walks of life. But the academic certificates hold unique importance. When a student scores more than the average total of the class or performs exceptionally well in a single subject and gets recognized for his efforts, he remembers it for a lifetime. It has a profound impact and also becomes fuel for future hard work.

#7 – Elementary

Elementary School Certificate

#8 – Kindergarten

Download Kindergarten Preschool Certificate Template

#9 – Perfect Attendance

Perfect Attendance Certificate Template

#10 – Preschool

Preschool Graduation Certificate Template

#11 – School Award

School Award Certificate Template

#12 – Merit

School Certificate of Merit Sample

Sports School Certificate Templates

When students participate in sports events in elementary, middle, high, or even professional college, they get awarded a certificate of participation. It acknowledges and encourages their additional interest in sports-related activities.

#13 – Baseball

Baseball Award Certificate Template

#14 – Sports Day

Certificate of Sports Day Template

#15 – Badminton

Editable Badminton Excellence Certificate Template

#16 – Bowling

Printable Bowling Certificate Template

#17 – Soccer

Soccer Sports Certificate Format

#18 – Sports Award

Sports Award Certificate Template

#19 – Achievement

Sports Day Achievement Certificate Template

#20 – Appreciation

Sports Day Appreciation Certificate Design

#21 – Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship Excellence Certificate Design

#22 – Participation

Sports Participation Certificate Template

Arts School Certificates for Microsoft Word

Life does not appreciate your creative spirit sufficiently over time. Instead, you will find it discouraging your talents, for they are not always enough to fulfill the surviving needs. And for that reason, school certificates related to arts and crafts have a heavy impact on a man’s life. For most, these documents become the hope and reason for clinging to their being a while longer than giving up entirely.

Like the sports, art-related school certificates are awarded to students who show a keen interest in art lessons, competitions, and extracurricular activities.

#23 – Art Award

Art Award Certificate Sample

#24 – Martial Arts

Martial Arts Award Certificate

#25 – Arts Graduation

School of Arts Graduation Certificate Template

#26 – Painting

Painting Award Certificate Design

Best Behavior School Certificate Formats

The management of our elementary to professional college has strived beyond their capacities to maintain the discipline and decorum of the institute. They have always encouraged the students who respect and abide by the rules of the institute.

Be it complete attendance or best hygiene care, and the institutes ensure to highlight and appreciate every aspect. They do so to not only truly understand the regard of the particular student but also to encourage other students to follow the example.

#27 – School Appreciation

School Appreciation Certificate for MS Word

#28 – Good Behavior

Good Behavior Award Certificate Template

#29 – Appreciation

Certificate of School Appreciation Design in MS Word

Community Service School Certificate Examples

Almost every other educational institution encourages the spirit of helping the community. A school’s job is not only to educate the child on methodology and skills of earning lawfully but also to teach him how to exist and survive in society.

One of the many ethics that schools ingrain in the students is community service. They provide opportunities in school and boost children to explore the wider world and lend a hand wherever needed. And that when they do, the students get appreciated with a Community Service School Certificate.

#30 – Community Service

Community Service Certificate of Appreciation

#31 – Volunteer

FREE Volunteer Certificate Template

School Leaving Certificate Templates for MS Word

Lastly, a school-leaving certificate gets awarded to kindergartners, pre-schoolers, secondary, and even high-school students. When? The students receive this when they complete their memorable learning journey in a specific part of their schooling.

Right before they leave the premises officially, the school awards them with a congratulating school leaving certificate. It announces that the child has completed their time at the campus.

#32 – Leaving

Preschool Leaving Certificate Design

#33 – Transfer

Free School Transfer Certificate

#34 – School Leaving

School Leaving Certificate Template

What are the School Certificate Templates?

A school certificate template is an already prepared document that comprises all the important information. It has a fill-in-the-blanks where personal data will get filled. You can find a variation of Best School Certificate Templates available at online sites and stores.

Essential Components of a Generic School Certificate

When we name a document, we call it based on its features, or more appropriately, components. These parts of a document form its essence and differentiate it from other documents. However, when we are talking about school certificates, the components vary with each type of school certificate. But some generic components are present in all the school certificates. Let’s learn more about them!

Title & Headings

The title sits in the top middle of the school certificate. It offers the reader a glimpse into the context of the document without having to read it. Hence, a title has to be precise and concise so that the reader knows what document it is quickly.

Yes, it is good to be creative when writing, but creativity in titles can confuse the reader. If a school certificate has the name A Shining Star, what are the chances that the reader would know about the document without having to read more? Probably, very little. The title doesn’t explain the type of the certificate nor nature. It could be almost about anything until the reader entirely goes through the entire document.

Therefore, keep your title direct, simple, and precise. You can save the creativity for the headings that you can use for additional content. Indeed, if you are adding up content other than the certificate requirement (for example, promotional content about the institute), you will need to attract the reader. 

Presentation Line

 The presentation line refers to the introductory statement or the first line after the title. It elaborates and prepares the reader for the upcoming information. The presentation line does not have any hard and fast rules. Hence, you can write it any way you like.


The date of the certificate issue is quite important. It helps maintain accurate records for future references. Hence, the date of the issue must be present on the certificate. You place it anywhere on the document as long as it is visible.

Authority & Recipient’s details

The authority in the case of the school certificate is the educational institute. And, the recipient is the student who has received the education. The certificate must comprise of their details as it makes the document more reliable. These details may be the full name, age, and contact sources.

Authority & Description

You must write the reason for receiving the certificate in the description. The description is a brief paragraph located below the presentation line. Write directly and precisely about as to why the candidate is receiving the certificate. You may mention details if necessary.

Authority & Signing off

You must sign off the school certificate. By signing off, you make the document official. It is your choice whether you want to sign, write the full name, or stamp the school certificate. Usually, people sign as well as stamp the document. 

#35 – School Attendance

Attendance Certificate Template for Schools

#36 – 100 Percent Attendance

100 Percent Attendance Certificate

#37 – College Attendance

Attendance Certificate for College Student

#38 – Teachers Attendance

Attendance Certificate Template For Teachers

#39 – Students Attendance

FREE Student Attendance Certificate Template

#40 – Perfect Attendance

Perfect Attendance Award Template

#41 – Attendance Design

Perfect Attendance Certificate Design

How to Compose a School Certificate?

The composition of a school certificate is pretty simple if you follow the below-stated steps vigilantly.

Step 1: Plan Yourself

Planning is always useful as the future is very uncertain. Yes, you cannot change, but you can alter it a bit with thoughtful actions. So, first, answer some key questions, such as what printing material you want for the certificate? Would you add some additional content? Do you have the relevant data?

Step 2: Draft

Once you have everything assembled, start writing down while keeping the essential components in mind. Form a title and place it in the top-most center. Make it bold and big. Next, craft a presentation line, description, and then sign off. Do not forget the date and personality details.

Step 3: Finalization

When you have completed the draft, it is time to make the final document. To enhance the look, you can design the certificate by adding borders and stylizing fonts. Also, inserting a few graphics and images can make the school certificate attractive. You must read and recheck all the content for grammatical errors. You can get it cross-checked by any experienced writer.

Importance of School Certificate Templates

As mentioned earlier, school certificates are not limited to a single domain of life. Rather, these documents spread their wings so wide that they bring an influencing shadow over the aspects of life as well.

Firstly, these documents serve as a record. They serve as records of the excellency of skills and brilliancy of time. Like pictures, they too preserve moments. Holding an old school certificate will bring back the moments when you first received it from the valued staff or the delight you felt, showing it off to your parents.

Other than that, they serve as a record for your efforts and skills. You can present these documents in the future to educational institutes or your workplace to secure a seat. At times, these documents give you an advantage over others, and you become the preferred candidate as it accounts for your experience in the relevant field.

You need not shy away from the value of your certificate. No one should ever assume that a competition certificate will do you no good when applying for another competition. It will, and even if the authorities do not ask for it, your knowledge from the practical experience will serve you well and help you excel regardless of all the circumstances.

Moreover, during school life, these documents become a source of encouragement. For those who refuse to believe in their potential until the masses validate them, the certificates knock some sense into their heads. They make them realize their worth and also fuel them to strive forward and pursue their dreams. Appreciation through school certificates also sprinkles positivity and hope in student’s depressed and stressed life.

The School Certificates templates make designing and composing easier. The templates already get prepared by professionals and experts. They get revised and edited several times before companies present them before you. Hence, most of them are free of any mistakes. Also, they save your time and energy as you will not have to search and fret about the correct one.

All in all, the school certificate has many benefits when used properly. We have provided you a detailed insight into the topic and talked about all the essential aspects. Now, hopefully, you can differentiate between a certificate and a diploma as well as define the term school certificate template. By going through the elements thoroughly, you can also draft an excellent school certificate yourself. However,  it is better to work with templates, as mentioned in the importance. So, start browsing through our collection of Best School Certificate Templates and download now!