Real Estate Certificate Templates

30+ Real Estate Certificate Templates in Microsoft Word (DOC)

The real estate business is one of the most profitable businesses these days. Since it is a lucrative business, there is a lot of competition for those who enter the property market with the motive to establish a business. Only those people can survive in this business who have some guts or special skills to make them stand. Below you can download 30 professional yet FREE real estate certificate templates in Microsoft Word format.

Customizable Horizontal Certificates

#1 – Agent

Real estate Agent Certificate

#2 – Compliance

Real estate Certificate of Compliance

#3 – Registration

Certificate of Registration Real Estate

#4 – Merit

Certificate of Merit Real estate

#5 – Honorary

Certificate of Honorary Real Estate

#6 – Excellence

certificate of Excellence Real estate

#7 – Performance

Certificate of Performance Real Estate

#8 – Service

Certificate of Service for Real estate

#9 – Analysis

Certificate of Analysis for Real estate

#10 – Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation for Real estate Training

#11 – Teamwork

Real Estate Teamwork Certificate

#12 – Leadership

Real Estate Certificate of Leadership

Vertical Certificate Examples

#13 – Agent

Certificate of Real estate Agent

#14 – Compliance

Real estate Compliance Certificate

#15 – Registration

Real estate Certificate of Registration

#16 – Merit

Real estate Certificate of Merit

#17 – Honorary

Real Estate Certificate of Honorary

#18 – Excellence

Real estate Certificate of Excellence

#19 – Performance

Real Estate Performance Certificate

#20 – Service

Vertical Real estate Service Certificate

#21 – Analysis

Real estate Analysis Certificate

#22 – Appreciation

Real Estate Appreciation Certificate

#23 – Teamwork

Real Estate Teamwork Certificate

#24 – Leadership

Real Estate Leadership Certificate

What is a real estate certificate?

A real estate certificate is a kind of document that every person needs to start a real estate business. Companies also use one type of certificate to appreciate the efforts of those people who show good performance in this business. Both certificates prove that the person who has earned this certificate is a skilled person who has many capabilities to work for the benefit of other people in real estate.

Why is there a need to have a real estate certificate?

Any kind of work done in the field of real estate needs a certificate to be recognized and identified. For this purpose, those who need to work in this field need to have a certificate.

There are lots of people who perpetrate scams on unsuspecting people through a real estate business. These scammers usually scam by becoming an agents. Due to this, people these days are advised to check the real estate certificate of those people who claim to provide property-related services to people. Those who have this certificate prove that they are certified people, and they have been permitted to work in this field.

How to create a certificate for real estate?

  1. Choose software:

    While you are creating any document, you should choose software in which you can work and make the certificate. Many people select MS Word to work in. This software enables people to design the certificate of their choice without any hassle. Some people also try to find the best real estate certificate templates so that they don’t need to create one from scratch.

  2. Add the certificate’s name:

    After choosing the software, add the name of the certificate on the top. Even if you are using the best real estate certificate templates, you still need to add the certificate’s name at times.

  3. Add the name of the receiver:

    The name of the person who has been awarded the certificate is very important to add. This is a kind of information that one can never skip. If you are creating the certificate for certifying a real estate agent to enable him to work in this area, you are still required to add the name of the recipient.

  4. Review the certificate:

    It is very important to review the certificate before you send it to someone. If you are using the best real estate certificate templates, then you will not have to review the certificate since the template has been designed very carefully.

#25 – Legal Certificate

Real Estate Legal Certificate Template for MS Word

#26 – Vertical Legal

Vertical Legal Certificate for Real Estate Template

#27 – Commercial Certificate

Commercial Real Estate Certificate for MS Word

#28 – Vertical Commercial

Vertical Real Estate Commercial Certificate


Printable Real Estate Certificate Template for MS Word


Vertical Real Estate Certificate Template