8+ Free Printable Wedding Envelope Templates Ideas for MS Word

A wedding envelope is the first impression people get of your wedding. Folks nowadays pay special attention to wedding envelopes. Some get them customized by the calligraphic artist, while others consult professional designers for this purpose. Like any other wedding function, the wedding invitation envelope has also become a concern for the bride or groom's family.

Besides, there are many templates available online to assist you in this purpose. You can get them customized yourself using the essential, easy-to-use applications or even advanced if you are a pro.

What to Include in the Wedding Invitation Envelope?

Designing and packaging a wedding invitation envelope is quite a task. If you are doing it yourself but are not sure how to do it. Don't worry; we will guide you on what to include in a wedding invitation envelope. (Here, you can get the best wedding envelope templates). the essential elements that should be on a wedding invitation envelope are:

  • Name of couple
  • Date and Time of Ceremony
  • Venue of the Ceremony

If you are mailing the card, the addressee's address should be written on the front side, whereas the receiver's address should be on the backside of the envelope.

Download Best Wedding Envelopes in Microsoft Word Format

Please find Colorful Wedding Envelope Examples in MS Word format here. These Envelopers are created for different occasions. Anyone can customize these envelopes using Microsoft Word easily.

Modern Beach Wedding Envelope

Modern Beach Wedding Envelope

Elegant Wedding Invitation Envelope Template

Elegant Wedding Envelope Template

Amazing Fall Wedding Envelope Example

Amazing Fall Wedding Envelope Example

Creative Floral Wedding Envelope Design

Creative Floral Wedding Envelope Design

Customizable Flower Wedding Envelope Template

Customizable Flower Wedding Envelope Template

Editable Nautical Wedding Envelope Sample

Editable Nautical Wedding Envelope Sample

Printable Pink Floral Wedding Invitation Envelope

Pink Floral Wedding Envelope Template

Vintage Floral Wedding Envelope Template

Vintage Floral Wedding Envelope Template

How to Design a Wedding Invitation Envelope on Microsoft Word?

Word is the friendliest tool to design a wedding envelope, and the best part is that you don't have to be a pro to make it. Moreover, if you are looking for a fancy envelope or something unique, Microsoft word is not the ideal tool. You can expect something simple and quite bulky from this application. Rest, you can consult us to get the best-customized wedding envelope.

Measure your Envelope

The measurement of the envelope depends on the size of the invites. The standard size is 5.25" x 7.24".

Creating a Document on Word

Your document size should be the exact size of the desired envelope. For this purpose, go to Page Layout>Size>More Paper Sizes. Now enter the size of your envelope in the height and width box. Click OK.

Adding Text Boxes on the Template

Add a text box in the middle of the front side of the envelope by going to Insert>Text Box>Dray Text Box.  You can add or remove the outline by exploring "Format."

Customize Font, Graphics, and Layout

Use a calligraphic font to make your envelope attractive. We recommend sans serif and serif fonts.

Duplicate Page

Once you are done designing your template, you need to duplicate the page to get several prints at once. For this purpose, click on the grey margin and hit Ctrl+C.

Now go to insert and add a blank page, click 15-20 times to add more pages. Do not create more than 25 pages, as it might freeze and you have to face trouble.

Note: Print a sample first to see how it looks, and then proceed with further prints.

Tips to Design Wedding Envelopes

  • Choose your invitation style according to the ceremony you are throwing. Either it is elegant and classic, relaxed and casual, or modern and glam. Your stationery should be accordingly.
  • Select the wedding envelope color and design according to the motifs and hues of your overall wedding theme. Besides, you can also match your envelope font with the theme.