Printable Vintage Ticket Design Templates

14+ Free Printable Vintage Ticket Design Templates

What are Vintage Tickets?

Tickets are passes that allow entry to an event or premises or give access to a certain exclusive service. There are various kinds of tickets based on who is issuing them and what their end purpose is going to be. However, apart from classifying tickets based on their purpose, sometimes they can also be categorized on the basis of their theme and style. Vintage tickets are tickets that have been designed with a vintage and classic theme in mind. Vintage ticket are quite common, which is why their templates can be easily found online.

What are Tickets Needed for?

As mentioned above, tickets are needed to allow entry or give access. There is a reason why tickets are so popular and are being used worldwide for all kinds of events and businesses. While organizing an exclusive event like a business conference or even a social gathering, it is always essential to limit the people who are going to attend these events.

Moreover, various businesses such as movie theatres, sports games, concerts, etc., are literally based on a business model which revolves around having tickets, or otherwise, there would be no way for them to earn money. Hence, tickets are needed for all kinds of events and experiences, and they are extremely important.

Download Vintage Tickets in Microsoft Word Format

Below you can download beautiful designed Vintage Tickets created in easy-to-use Microsoft Word format. You can edit as per your need and print them on any paper or send a soft copy in email.

#1 – Travel Ticket

Vintage Travel Ticket Template

#2 – Retro Party

Vintage Ticket Sample in MS Word

#3 – For Art EXPO

Vintage Ticket Invitation for Art EXPO

#4 – Raffle Ticket

Vintage Raffle Ticket Template

#5 – Movie Ticket

Vintage Movie Ticket Template

#6 – Fundraising Luncheon

Blank Vintage Luncheon Ticket Design

#7 – Food Ticket

Customizable Vintage Food Ticket Template

#8 – Grand Concert

Editable Vintage Grand Concert Ticket Example

#9 – Circus Magic Show

Vintage Circus Magic Show Ticket

#10 – Baseball Ticket

Vintage Baseball Ticket Template

#11 – Annual Barbeque

Vintage Annual Barbeque Ticket Sample

#12 – Banquet Ticket

Vintage Banquet Ticket Design Template

#13 – Retro Night Admit One Ticket

Vintage Retro Night Admit One Ticket Template

#14 – Retro Movie Ticket

Printable Retro Movie Ticket Design

Who Uses Vintage Ticket Templates?

You might be wondering why an organization or individual would want to design vintage-themed ticket templates. Well, there are various reasons why vintage tickets are as common as they are. Firstly, it is sometimes just personal preference. Moreover, there is a trend these days to have retro days or retro theme parties where people dress up in costumes inspired from the earlier decades. On such occasions, it only makes sense to have tickets that are also designed in coherence with the overall vintage theme of the party.

Tips to Design the Best Vintage Ticket Template

It is pretty easy to find a vintage ticket template online and make a few changes to it and print it out. However, you can also design your own vintage ticket template from scratch. It takes more effort and time, but the results are better than what you get when you are simply using a standard template downloaded off of the internet.

Do not get too ambitious with the design

It is easy to get too involved with the design and not know when to stop. Adding too much text, images or graphics can create a lot of clutter on the ticket, which would neither look good nor be too effective in conveying the basic information such as the date, venue, time of the event.

Create your content according to the theme

It is extremely important to come up with content that fits with your theme. For vintage tickets, use vocabulary and tone, which further emphasizes the theme instead of just portraying it through some graphics.

Printing Your Vintage Ticket Template

Choosing the right kind of paper medium for printing out your vintage ticket is also important. Make sure you make a wise choice.