Pamphlet Design Templates

47+ Printable Pamphlet Design Templates for MS Word [Free]

What are Pamphlets Used for?

All of us are exposed to pamphlet very frequently at malls, bus stands, hospitals, supermarkets, and various other places. Pamphlets are basically in the form of leaflets or small booklets, and they could contain information about a specific product, service, or any topic about which you need to spread awareness or generate word of mouth.

Pamphlets are very commonly used across all kinds of organizations for a number of different reasons. Firstly, they are inexpensive, which means it does not cost much to an organization to print a number of pamphlets. Moreover, they are brief and crisp, which not only makes them easier to read but also to be carried in a purse or a pocket.

Pamphlets have proven to be extremely effective tools for disseminating information and marketing or promoting an organization’s offerings. However, usually, people are not very keen on reading the pamphlets headed out to them because they all look the same. We have discussed some tips and tricks to make your pamphlet stand out from the clutter.

Why do we Need Pamphlet Templates?

Pamphlet templates are extremely helpful in creating various different kinds of pamphlets for multiple uses across a number of unique industries. These are easily accessible online for free and can be downloaded and customized to your organization’s specific requirements. Most organizations have to come up with new pamphlets every now and then, and it would be a great hassle if they were to design each pamphlet from scratch every time. Hence, to avoid all that trouble, organizations either download or come up with templates that can simply be altered each time a new pamphlet is needed.

This saves a lot of time and effort. Moreover, templates also make sure that the theme and style of all the pamphlets issued by an organization remain consistent, making them look professional.

Important things to include in your pamphlets

A pamphlet template’s purpose is to disseminate information, and that could only be possible if the design and content are compelling enough to make people read the whole thing and act on it. These are an advertisement tool, and like all other marketing efforts, they need to be unique and have to stand out in order to break through the clutter. Following are some essential things without which a pamphlet template would be incomplete.

  1. A Clear Heading: The pamphlet’s purpose in the form of a heading should be displayed very clearly on the pamphlet so that the reader does not have to guess what the document is all about. An attractive heading could be enough to spark the reader’s interest.

  2. Some Visual Cues: Adding a picture on the design is an excellent idea because an image can hint at what the pamphlet is about, even from afar. Someone interested could actually pick up and read it to know more.

  3. Contact Information: A pamphlet or any form of advertisement would be good for nothing if the contact details of the organization or relevant persons are not mentioned on it.

  4. Compelling Call to Action: A call to action is something that tells the reader what is the next step that they need to take if they are interested. Call to action is what, at the end of the day, fulfills the marketing objectives. Thus, to translate awareness into conversion, it is important to give a call to action.

Different Types of Pamphlet Templates

As mentioned above, pamphlets are used by all different kinds of organizations and entities to advertise whatever it is that they want to promote. Following are a few examples of different types of pamphlet templates.

#1 – Advertising

Advertising Pamphlet Design

#2 – Rental Apartment

Apartment Rental Pamphlet

#3 – Bar Lounge

Bar Lounge Pamphlet Template

#4 – Car Dealership

Car Dealership Pamphlet

#5 – Car Wash

Car Wash Pamphlet Template

#6 – Charity Fundraiser

Charity Fundraiser Pamphlet Template

#7 – Church

Church Pamphlet Design Template

#8 – Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services Pamphlet Template IDEA

#9 – Medical Clinic

Blank Clinic Pamphlet Example

#10 – Conference

Modern Conference Pamphlet Design

#11 – Construction

Construction Company Pamphlet Template

#12 – Corporate

Amazing Corporate Pamphlet Design

#13 – Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency Pamphlet Template

#14 – Dog Walker

Dog Walker Pamphlet Template

#15 – Educational

Education Pamphlet Design Template

#16 – Fitness Studio

Fitness Studio Pamphlet Template IDEA

#17 – Flower Shop

Flower Shop Pamphlet Template

#18 – Funeral Service

Funeral Service Pamphlet IDEA

#19 – Fitness/Gym

Fitness/Gym Pamphlet Template

#20 – Handyman

Handyman Pamphlet Sample

#21 – Insurance Agency

Insurance Agency Pamphlet Template

#22 – Software Solutions

IT Software Company Pamphlet

#23 – Kindergarten

Kindergarten Pamphlet Template Word

#24 – Laundry Services

Laundry Services Pamphlet Layout

#25 – Medical

Medical Pamphlet Design Template

#26 – Meetup Event

Meetup Event Pamphlet Sample

#27 – Moving Company

Moving Company Pamphlet Design

#28 – Music Festival

Music Festival Pamphlet Design Layout

#29 – Nail Studio Shop

Nail Studio Shop Pamphlet Template

#30 – Online Courses

Online Courses Pamphlet Design

What Font and Theme Should be Used to Design an Effective Pamphlet?

It is extremely important to have a basic clear font for your pamphlet template that makes the text on it easy to read. Fonts that are too stylized and complicated are difficult to read and could discourage a reader from reading the whole pamphlet. Similarly, the design aesthetic of the pamphlet could have a huge impact on its effectiveness.

 A pamphlet that feels too crowded and stuffed where the reader would get lost will not be too effective and would instead give the reader a headache. Make sure that you organize the text and pictures on your pamphlet in a way that there is still some room to breathe, and it is easy to navigate through the content. It is also important to pay close attention to the theme of the pamphlet. The color scheme and overall theme should go with the theme of your organization and should look professional or casual depending upon the kind of information you are trying to convey.

What is the Difference Between a Pamphlet and a Brochure Template?

It is easy to confuse brochure and pamphlet templates because both these documents have overlapping functions. However, brochures are mostly used only in business settings. They are more professional and direct, while pamphlets could be both formal and informal, and they do not always have to be commercial. Pamphlets are mostly used to convey non-commercial information.

Brochures are the ones that you often receive in your mail sent by different companies such as automobile companies or real estate agencies. These are mostly sent to targeted customers by companies in order to close a deal or sometimes after the purchase has been made. On the other hand, pamphlets are used to convey information about a certain topic and are distributed randomly without a targeted approach. They are most commonly used by healthcare companies, political organizations, or non-profit organizations.

#31 – Business Consultant Tri Fold

Business Consultant Tri Fold Pamphlet Design Template

#32 – Online Store

FREE Online Store Pamphlet Design for MS Word

#33 – Personal Trainer

Editable Personal Trainer Pamphlet Template

#34 – Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming Pamphlet Template FREE

#35 – Real Estate

Printable Real Estate Pamphlet Design

#36 – Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency/Firm Pamphlet Template Word

#37 – Security Guard Services

Blank Security Guard Services Pamphlet Design

#38 – Shipping Services

Shipping Services Pamphlet Example - MS Word

#39 – Skin Beauty Clinic

Amazing Skin Beauty Clinic Pamphlet Design

#40 – Street Food Festival

Pamphlet Design for Street Food Festival

#41 – Summer Camp

Customizable Summer Camp Pamphlet Design

#42 – Taxi Services

Taxi Services Pamphlet Template for Microsoft Word

#43 – Therapist

Useful Therapist Pamphlet Template Word

#44 – Trifold

Editable Trifold Business Pamphlet Template

#45 – Moving Company

Trucking Logistics Pamphlet Template

#46 – Vacation Rental

Vacation Rental Pamphlet Design for MS Word

#47 – Yoga Instructor

Pamphlet Design Example for Yoga Instructor

Tips for Creating a Pamphlet Template

Designing a pamphlet template is quite easy; however, not everyone can come up with an effective one that instantly appeals to the eye and compels the reader to continue reading. To achieve this, there are some tips and tricks which can be incorporated when designing the pamphlet template. Following are some of these tips which can help you come up with an effective flyer.

  • Make use of graphics and charts: Pamphlets are a way to disseminate information, but how you present that information could make a huge difference. It is a good idea to use graphs and charts to represent quantitative data so that it is easy to understand. Adding relevant pictures is also a good idea.
  • Use the right printers: For printing pamphlets, the right kind of printers are very important. Not all printers could print on the edges of the page, but a pamphlet with white margins does not look professional and attractive.
  • Pay attention to the content: It’s true what they say, “content is king”. Make sure the content on your pamphlets is accurate and honest and do not present misleading statistics.