Membership Card Templates

18+ Membership Card Templates for MS WORD [Free DOWNLOAD]

What is Membership Card Used for?

Today, there are various clubs, sororities, communities, etc., which people like to become a part of because they are symbolic of a particular status or lifestyle. Once a person gains membership in any such social gathering, they are given a membership card which serves as evidence of them being an official part of the community. Apart from such social spheres, various other public places such as gyms and salons also offer memberships to their regular customers, which allows them to have a monthly package where they can avail all or some of the services being offered. In such cases also, cards are used to indicate a person’s membership.

Often, membership cards are also encoded with chips and RFID technology that provides access inside the premises of the organization and also, when swiped, opens up a database that stores all the information about the cardholder. Since a card is used as an identification tool, it is essential that it contains all the necessary elements that prove the card holder’s identity. 

Types of Membership Card Templates

As mentioned above, various kinds of organizations operate on the principle of memberships and issue their member’s member cards. These cards could be quite different from one another depending upon the issuing organization and the purpose that it is going to serve. Hence, there are several types of card templates that you can find online to come up with a suitable membership card for your organization. Following are some of the most common types of card templates.

#1 – Membership ID Card

Membership ID Card Template for MS Word

#2 – For Business

Business Membership ID Card Template FREE

#3 – Club Member

Club Member ID Card Design for Microsoft Word

#4 – For VIP Club

Club VIP Membership Card Design IDEA Word

#5 – For Fan Club

Customizable Fan Club Membership Card FREE Download

#6 – Gold Member

Gold Membership Card Template in MS Word

#7 – VIP Gym Member

Gym Membership ID Card Template Design

#8 – For Lifetime

Printable Lifetime Membership Card Template Word

#9 – Loyalty Card

Customizable Loyalty Membership Card Template IDEA

#10 – For Military

Blank Military Membership ID Card Template

#11 – Mosque / Masjid Premium Member

Mosque / Masjid Membership ID Card Template

#12 – For Spa and Salon

Spa and Salon Membership Card Template Design IDEA

#13 – Sports Club

Sports Club Membership Card Template for MS Word

#14 – For Temple Member

Creative Temple Membership ID Card Format for MS Word

#15 – Temporary Member

Temporary Membership ID Card Design with Photo

#16 – Travel Agency

Travel Agency VIP Membership ID Card Template

#17 – VIP Member Card

VIP Membership Card Design Template for MS Word

#18 – Wellness Center Member

Wellness Center Membership ID Card Template

What information must be included in your card?

Membership cards are identification tools handed out to the members so that they could get exclusive access to specific unique protocols that are only restricted to members. For this purpose of identification, there are certain elements that must be mentioned in every card so that they could be effective and valuable. Following is a list of some of these essential elements.

Details about the Issuing Organization:

One of the most important details to add to a membership card is about the issuing organization. This authenticates that the card is not fake and also shows belonging with the organization. This includes the name of the organization, the logo of the organization, and the contact details.

Details about the person to whom the card is being issued:

Of course, any membership card would be incomplete without information about the cardholder. The name, contact, and address details of the member should be mentioned on the front of the card along with a picture of them so that they could be recognized.

What are some optional elements that can be added to your card?

While the details about the cardholder and the issuing organization are a must to be included on all cards regardless of the type of the card or the purpose they are going to be used for, some other details are optional and can be included if the issuing authority deems necessary.

Validity of the membership card:

It’s often a good idea to mention the validity of the card if it is a temporary form of membership so that the card can no longer be used once the validity has expired.

Terms of use:

Some organizations have terms of use listed on the back of the card so that they could not be violated by the cardholder. This is primarily useful for organizations like resorts and sports clubs.

Perks and Discounts:

Another optional feature is to add the exclusive perks and benefits, such as discounts offered to members on the membership card.

What are the benefits of using a membership card?

There are so many organizations that now offer memberships to their loyal customers. Membership cards have become a marketing tool for most organizations and a way for them to reward their most loyal customers. There are definitely some very attractive benefits of using these cards which is why they are being used widely; the following are some of them.

Increased customer resonance:

As mentioned above, these cards are a way to reward the organization’s most loyal customers and provide them with additional benefits creating a distinction between them and other customers. This increases the overall resonance of customers with the organization and encourages new customers to become members eventually.

Increased Revenue:

It might sound counter-intuitive because membership cards are meant to provide discounts to members, but in reality, these cards end up increasing the revenue stream of the organization. This is because members are required to pay a certain membership fee even when they are not availing of the services all the time.

How to design a membership card template?

Designing membership card templates is not difficult anymore. The details that must be mentioned on a card template are already discussed above, such as the details of the issuing organization and the card holder. However, there are some other things that need to be considered while designing a card template.

The theme and color scheme of the card should be coherent with your organization’s logo and branding theme. Moreover, only the very important details should be mentioned on the card, and any irrelevant stuff should be eliminated as it just creates clutter. Keep in mind all the uses of the card and then decide what information should go on it and how it should be arranged.

How to create a Membership card template using MS Word?

There are various membership card templates available online that could simply be downloaded off the internet and customized to develop a perfect card for your organization’s needs. However, if you are looking to design your own card, it could be done on MS Word. Following are the steps you can follow to create a membership card template in MS Word

  1. Type “membership card” in the search bar and choose the template that you like the best.
  2. Change the content of the template by clicking on each detail and adding your specific information.
  3. Format the text. Change the font style, font size, and the color of the text.
  4. Click on the Insert tab to add your company’s logo and the photo of the cardholder.
  5. Print and save the template!