FREE Printable Graduation Announcement Card Templates & Designs

FREE Printable Graduation Announcement Card Templates & Designs

Graduation announcements are made to convey the news about the graduation carnival of a student. Parents or guardians and, sometimes, students themselves write cards or invitation letters to invite people from family and friends. Printable invitation cards are often used to complete the task. A generalized template is designed first, and then it is used to disseminate the message. We have created 6 professional graduation announcement card templates in Microsoft word, which are available below without any cost.

Getting to high school is always exciting for students as they can accelerate their academic careers at a higher level. But it is also a matter of concern when it comes to fees and other higher studies expenses. Some students apply for education loans to finance their high school career, while others are lucky to be sponsored by parents. Parents are used to paying heavy amounts to compensate their siblings for higher studies. It is a matter of ongoing expenses for four years, but none of it is felt when a youngster reaches the final stage.

Getting good marks and becoming eligible for the degree is such a nice feeling not only for students but also for their parents. Everyone forgets about all kinds of expenses and starts dreaming about the graduation carnival. It is a day everyone has dreamt about some four years back. It is such a piece of good news that students and their guardians like to share it with close people and relatives.

Why are graduation announcements used in general?

The graduation ceremony is a matter of achievement not only for students but also for their parents. It is a matter of pride for other family members and friends as well. This is why people are invited to participate in the event. Not all institutes are alike, and many of them allow only a limited number of people to the event. This is when people tend to organize a private party to celebrate the success of a student.

The destiny is, of course, changed on the graduation announcement when it comes to celebrating at a private party. People tend to design an invitation in a different way when they want to invite guests to a private party. Party theme, as well as parts of the functions, can then be conveyed to the guests in such a scenario.

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Difference between formal and informal graduation carnival

A formal graduation carnival will always be different from an informal one. People and guests are bound to follow a definite program being conveyed by the college or university when it comes to a formal ceremony. One will have to take care of the dress code and things to carry along during such an event. But an informal ceremony will follow a different routine altogether. One can organize it even at night and at a destiny one deems fit during a particular season.

Similarly, a graduation announcement card can be carved in a different way. One can add or omit anything one wants when it comes to an informal carnival. But a standard format and routine will be followed when people are going to attend a formal ceremony organized by an educational institution.


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How to make a graduation announcement?

The graduation ceremony marks the completion of an important task. It is indeed a matter of achievement for a youngster, and news must be conveyed to the close people. But it is not the news that matters the most but how you convey them to the people. One needs to be precise and a little frank at the same time to share the good news with the family and friends. A graduation invitation card can be used to communicate the news. Using a card template can prove productive here. It will not only allow you to add as much information as you like, but it will also let you edit the details before printing.

One can take care of all the contents and can use a variety of themes and fonts to make an announcement card look elegant from every perspective. A lot ready to print templates can be found online, but one can also create one on one’s own. It just requires having the information about the contents to create a card.

What should be added to the graduation announcement card?

It depends on the type of event and the width of the ceremony. But generally, one can add the basic as well as additional items to make it look workable for everyone. Some essential items to be added are described below.

1. Particulars of the graduating person

The person that is going to be graduated should be mentioned on the card. The name of the youngster and the academic details can be added to the card to convey to people the graduation ceremony of a person. One can also add the institute name and subject details if it is good to add such details on the invitation card.

2. Picture of the graduating student

Every modern card comes with space for the picture of the graduating student. A smiling portrait can be developed in different gestures to add some spark to the card’s face. It will make an accurate fine impression on the receiving people and will clarify it all about the graduating person.

3. Time and date

Time and date are an essential part of the announcement. Guests will keep guessing about the event if they are not conveyed about the time and date of the graduation ceremony. It is always vital to add it right upfront.

4. Venue

The graduation ceremony venue is always a college or university, but one can also arrange a private party as well. This is what happens when an educational institute does not allow people to bring multiple guests to the ceremony. Parents or students organize a private party in such a case, and the venue will also get changed in such a scenario.

A graduation announcement is a matter of conveying good news to friends and family members. One can do it in a particular manner by developing an acceptable class template for this purpose. It is easy to convey the news when you have a tool at hand.