Printable Employee ID (Identity) Card Templates in MS Word

Download Printable Employee ID (Identity) Card Templates in MS Word

No matter where you work, whether in a large enterprise or a small shop, you will have to have an employee ID card. This is an identity card that is issued to every employee regardless of where he works. Since the employee ID card is for identification purposes, this card is unique for every employee, and no two employees can share one ID card.

What is an employee ID card?

The employee ID card is a card used for the identification of the employee. This card has a crucial role play whenever factors influencing an organization’s security are taken into consideration. Owing to this, most organizations have made a strict policy for every employee to have an ID Card. The employee ID card is usually found in the form of the card of credit card shape and size. The card has information about the cardholder displayed on it.

Download the Editable Employee ID Badges

A good and effective identity card contains all the necessary information about the employee. Therefore, employees should use personal IDs to make them look more determined. Below you can find 10 very professionally created employee ID card/Badge templates in Microsoft Word.

Horizontal Identity Cards

Dimensions: 3.38 x 2.13 inches

Vertical Card Designs

Dimensions: 2.13 x 3.38 inches

Why is it important to have an employee ID card?

Employees need ID cards because these cards show to which organization the employee belongs. The ID card shows the details of the organization in which the employee works. Apart from this, the details of the employee and the department in which the employee works are also specified on the ID card. Due to these details, the employee can be identified easily. In those enterprises where there are hundreds of employees working, the ID badge is really helpful.

What are the benefits of using these cards?

It is important to note that organizations don’t use ID cards just because they want to identify their employees. Instead, they also use this card to ensure the security of the employee and the entire organization. Gone are the days when ID cards were used only for getting information about the cardholder. These days, there is so much that goes into using the ID card, such as conducting the transaction, marking attendance, etc. We have formulated some of the key benefits of using these ID cards. Some of the most prominent advantages that an employee renders after using the ID card include:

  1. An employer always wants to know all the employees that are working under him. When employees wear ID cards, they get easily recognized by the employer.
  2. When a company is concerned about its security and the security of those who work in that company, it asks everyone to wear ID cards. With the use of these cards, the company ensures that no unauthorized person is given access to the sensitive information of the company. In this way, the company protects its people and sensitive data.
  3. Not every employee in the company is given full access. It depends on the employee’s position that how much access he should get to reach the data.
  4. The company also notes down the entry and exit time of the employee since the employee shows the ID card at the entrance while entering and leaving the company.