Print Ready Doctor ID Card Template Designs in MS Word Format

10+ Download Doctor ID Card Template Designs for MS Word

Healthcare practitioners need a doctor ID card for their identification. These days, it has become a common practice in every hospital to use these cards. This is the reason we find every doctor in the hospital wearing a card. Due to its importance, it has become a significant part of the doctor’s uniform.

What is a doctor’s ID card?

An ID card for a doctor is used for identification. This card conveys information about the doctor as to which department and hospital he belongs to and much more. It is the best tool to identify a doctor.

Importance of doctor ID card:

Many hospitals have devised a policy that every doctor must have an ID card while interacting with the patients. This act provides comfort to the patient as the patient finds it convenient to tell his problem to the doctor when he sees him carrying a card.

The health information of the patient is very sensitive that needs to be kept confidential. A doctor is someone who is given access to the confidential information of the patient. A doctor has to prove that he is a legitimate person to get access to the patient’s record. This way, he will be able to treat the patient well.

Download Doctor Identity (ID) Card / Badges

Below you can download 10 beautiful Print-Ready Doctors ID card templates designed in Microsoft Word for both Vertical and Horizontal formats. These cards will be made for doctors working in the medical field. You can easily download these templates for free.

Horizontal Cards

Dimensions: 3.38 x 2.13 inches

Vertical Card Designs

Dimensions: 2.13 x 3.38 inches

What information should be included in the card?

How effective an ID card for a doctor can depend on the content it contains. There is no hard and fast rule as to what should be included in the ID card of the doctor and what should be omitted. It depends on the hospital that what it wants to add to the card of the doctor. Here are a few details that a hospital can decide to add to the card of its healthcare practitioners:

  1. Name of the doctor
  2. Name of the department to which the doctor belongs
  3. A unique ID number of the doctor
  4. Qualification of the doctor
  5. Name of hospital

Uses of doctor ID card template:

Several reasons necessitate the use of an ID card in a hospital for a doctor. Some of them are given below:

  1. When a doctor has to enter the hospital premises, he has to show the ID card at the entrance. This card proves that a doctor is a legitimate person who should be allowed to enter the hospital
  2. When a doctor wants to access the patient’s sensitive information, he will have to use his ID card.
  3. When a doctor wants to reach out to the sensitive areas of the hospital, such as operation theatre or emergency ward, he will have to prove that he is the doctor of that hospital and should be given access so that he can give the necessary treatment to the patient.
  4. There are many such services that a doctor can avail of free of cost because of his position, such as free treatment at the hospital.