Beautiful Pregnancy Announcement Templates IDEAS

6+ Beautiful Pregnancy Announcement Templates IDEAS [FREE]

It is always good to tell close people about the pregnancy, but it is also vital to know when to announce it. Thinking of communicating about the happening right after getting a positive pregnancy test result is not always recommended. It is rather wise to wait a bit and confirm through ultrasound before making the pregnancy announcement.

People enjoy it the most when they are young; it is an age full of hopes and optimism. Youngsters have a lot of dreams and energy to make those dreams come true. But all that carries on until you are single. Dreams and ambitions change after marriage as every individual gets more practical. And, besides getting practical, they start dreaming about the children.

Children remain the first priority of every couple as they want to bring their genetic copies into reality. Having children or getting pregnant is always splendid news for a couple. They love to see two lines of pregnancy check strip. Once it happens, they like to convey the good news to family and friends. Many people from among friends and family members remain equally anxious about such news. This is why it is always good to involve them all.

When is the right time to announce pregnancy?

Getting pregnant is a winning moment for a couple, but it is not always wise to start telling the world straightaway. Doctors recommend waiting till the second trimester starts. This is when you can have an ultrasound, and the pregnancy is starting looking stable and sure. Waiting till the 13th week is vital as the chances of miscarriage are consistently higher in the first 8 to 10 weeks. Some people even wait till the 21st week, as that’s where they can confirm the gender.

This is considered the right time for the pregnancy announcement by many people. But keeping people guessing till the 5th month is not an exciting thing to do. One should, however, try to announce after the completion of the first trimester. Keeping things discrete till that time is always a good thing to do. You can, however, announce it straight away to your partner.

Free Pregnancy Announcement Flyer Templates

Below you can find 6 beautifully designed pregnancy announcement Flyer Templates in printable Microsoft Word format. Anyone can easily customize and edit these templates without any expert’s help.

#1 – Coming Soon Pregnancy Announcement

Coming Soon Pregnancy Announcement Template

#2 – New Year’s Pregnancy Announcement

Fabulous New Year's Pregnancy Announcement Idea

#3 – Pregnancy Announcement Card with Captions

Beautiful Pregnancy Announcement Card with Caption

#4 – Valentines Day Pregnancy Announcement

Valentines Day Pregnancy Announcement Template IDEA

How to announce pregnancy?

Pregnancy might just start taking a toll on the mother after entering into the 2nd month, but it is indeed a matter of good news for every close relation. But one should follow a definite sequence to announce the news.

Do not wait to tell your partner

Chances are, you both knew it straight away, but at times partners are working away from home. This is when it is vital to convey to him the good news right after you are tested positive. You can whisper it in an informal manner, but it is good to make the pregnancy announcement straightaway for your partner. Your partner must be the first person to receive the good news.

Tell the closest people first

Every relationship is vital, and everyone is likely to become happy overhearing the news of your pregnancy. But still, there are some social norms that need to be taken care of. It is strongly recommended that you should start with the closest people and closest relations. Grandma and grandpas should be given the news right upfront. They must have been waiting for long.

Keep your audience in mind

Every pregnancy announcement involves a variety of audiences. This is why you should be careful while writing to different people. You can develop a generalized message to convey the news or go on with a template. A template will allow you to write a customized message for every different receiver.

Design a mesmerizing pregnancy announcement card

Designing a mesmerizing card to announce your pregnancy is such a wonderful thing to do when it comes to sharing the good news. A card will allow you to do many beautiful things. You can use a good background theme couple with colorful graphics. It is easy to add some snaps and snippets when you have a card to work with.

Pregnancy announcement ideas for parents

Uncles, aunts, grandparents are always happy to hear the news. But parents remain in focus when it comes to announcing pregnancy among friends and family. Parents are considered as the appropriate people to make the announcements. So here are some splendid ideas for parents looking to announce pregnancy with pride.

Designs or pick a onesie

You can surprise the grandparents, uncles, and aunts by sending a red onesie. It is easy nowadays to design one, but one can also pick one readymade from the market. It is a real fine way to announce pregnancy to the people at home.

Deliver fab mugs to the in-laws

Delivering fab mugs to the in-laws is yet another cool way to convey the news. It can also take people by surprise and can let them know that a grandchild is soon coming. They can speculate the entry of a new family member this way.

Surprise grandparents with sonograms

It is another fabulous idea to announce the good news. It is a little funny yet surprising for the grandparents. You can take a shot of your child holding a sonogram with writing about the arrival of the new sibling. This idea is likely to prove productive as well as splendid for being unique and different.

#5 – Grandparent Pregnancy Announcement

Cute Grandparent Pregnancy Announcement Template

#6 – Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

Surprise Pregnancy Announcement IDEA for Husband

Design a baseball pregnancy announcement card

Designing a baseball pregnancy pronouncement card is yet another unique idea to convey the good news to people. It is like telling people that a new player is going to join the team soon. It may make people speculate a bit for the moment, but viewing further details can make them aware of the real story.

By using the above-described tips and tricks, one can announce pregnancy without worrying much about the audience. It is always good to carve a message by keeping the audience in mind. But adding an element of surprise is key in conveying the news about the pregnancy. People will always enjoy a bit of satire and surprise in the news. It will especially make in-laws feel overjoyed. Sending some specially designed gifts like fab mugs or a romper is such a splendid idea to convey the news to the grandparents.