Modern Door Hanger Templates

14+ Free Modern Door Hanger Templates Designs for MS Word

What are Door Hanger Templates?

You must have come across door hangers at various public places. Those laminated, mostly rectangular signs hung on a door are basically the standard door hangers. Restaurants, hotels, motels, offices, retail outlets, gyms, and many other public places use door hangers very frequently. The most commonly used door hanger template is the one with the open and closed sign, which is used by almost every shop or restaurant all around the world.

The “Do not Disturb” signs are also very commonly used, especially in the hotel and motel industry or even spas and resorts, for preventing people from entering into rooms to ensure privacy for their guests. Door hangers are basically a great way to communicate with customers and guests and ensuring that the day-to-day operations of your business run smoothly without any inconvenience.

What is a Door Hanger Used for?

There are so many uses for door hangers; it is actually quite surprising that a simple-looking sign could come in handy with so many things. As mentioned above, the “do not disturb” and “open” or “close” signs are the most obvious uses for any door hanger. Following is a list of various other unconventional uses of door hangers that could be very smart.

Door Hangers for Private Houses

Door hangers are not just meant to be used in public places; they could also be very useful in private settings. Signs that say, “baby sleeping”, “keep out”, and “clean your room” are a great way to communicate around the house with the cleaning staff or even the kids.

#1 – Sleeping Do Not Disturb

Sleeping Do Not Disturb Door Hanger Printable MS Word

Promotions and Announcements

Door hangers could be handy in announcing a special discount or promotion that is about to go up at your retail outlet or restaurant. The door hanger signs that say “Sale” or “X% off” could be a great way to attract customers and increase the footfall at your business.

#2 – Carpet Cleaning

Customizable Carpet Cleaning Door Hanger Template

#3 – For Beauty Salon

Creative Door Hanger for Beauty Salon Template - MS Word

#4 – Healthcare Design

FREE Editable Healthcare Door Hanger Design for MS Word

#5 – Gutter Cleaning Services

Blank Gutter Cleaning Services Door Hanger Template

#6 – Restaurant Menu

Amazing Restaurant Menu Door Hanger Template

#7 – House Cleaning

House Cleaning Door Hanger Template

#8 – Pool Cleaning

Printable Pool Cleaning Company Door Hanger Sample

#9 – House for Sale

House for Sale - Real Estate Door Hanger IDEA

#10 – Just Sold

Just Sold Door Hanger Template for Real Estate

#11 – Buy or Rent

Corporate Buy or Rent Door Hanger Template

#12 – Wedding Door Hanger

Printable Wedding Door Hanger Template for MS Word

#13 – Window Cleaning

Free Printable Window Cleaning Door Hanger Sample

Preventing Entry into Restricted Premises

Door hangers could also be a great way to warn people about certain restricted areas in a factory, mall, or any formal setting where unauthorized people are not allowed to enter. These ensure better security and protection of valuable and confidential information or things within an organization.

#14 – Patient Do Not Disturb (DND)

Patient Do Not Disturb (DND) Door Hanger Design IDEA

How to Make a Customized Door Hanger?

With all these unconventional uses of door hangers, you would probably need to design custom templates. It is easy to come up with custom door hanger templates; many are available online, which could simply be customized according to your need, downloaded, and finally printed to be used. Online templates are definitely easy to use and save a lot of time and effort; however, they are challenging to find.

You need to spend a reasonable amount of time researching websites that offer decent-looking templates. One other way to design custom door hangers is to do it from scratch using software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, and various others. These definitely end up looking much more professionally done and aesthetic but not every layperson could use such software programs.

How to Make a Door Hanger Template on Quark Xpress?

Quark express is a program that can be used by MAC/IOS users. A door hanger template can be efficiently designed on Quark Xpress; all you need to do is follow a few simple steps. You need to start by opening up a new document. First, choose the size of the template according to the size you want your door hanger to be. Ideally, a door hanger should be about 3-3.5 inches in width and 8-8.5 inches in length.

Once you have made sure that the file is the right size, choose a template according to the size. Make the necessary changes in the text but do not change the basics of the template. Once done, simply download and print.

How to Make a Door Hanger Template in Word?

Unfortunately, Quark Xpress is not an option for Windows users, but the good news is that it is equally easy to design a door hanger template in Microsoft Word. A few simple steps could lead you to your own customized door hanger template in almost no time. Simply go to file and search for a door hanger template.

Choose the template that you like and start editing it. Change everything you need to, the content, font size, font style, layout, color theme, and add or remove background if there is one. You can also insert images or clip art if you wish to. Once you are done, save it and print it out. 

The Printing Process of Your Templates

The printing process of a door hanger template might be a bit difficult than you would have imagined, especially if you are doing it for the first time. There needs to be a careful consideration of what paper medium you are going to use for your door hanger. Since it is meant to be hung on a door, it needs to be a firm material instead of a piece of paper that just tears or falls off within a few minutes. It might be a good idea to use cardboard or cardstock as they are sturdy and thick.

People also use thick semi-gloss paper to make the door hanger sign look aesthetic yet firm. Once the material is selected, you need to make sure that your printer is compatible for printing on the chosen material or otherwise get it printed from a nearby printing shop.

Tips to Make the Most Effective Templates

Following are a few tips and tricks that can help you come up with effective and professional-looking door hanger templates.

Keep it Simple

A door hanger template does not have to be too cluttered with images, clip art, etc. It should be basic and simple so that the message it conveys does not get lost.

Keep it coherent

The theme of the door hanger template should be coherent with its use. For instance, a door hanger template for a kids’ toy store should be colorful with a funky font style.

Keep it Short

Do not make the message on the door hanger template too long, and try to sum it up in as few words as you can.