5+ Free Business Envelope Templates for MS Word

A business envelope is the first impression of your business. It builds your trust and draws the attention of the receiver. So, if you want to stimulate your business and modify your correspondence, an attractive business envelop is all that you need.

From rudiments to featuring the best business envelope templates, we have everything you were looking for. Go through the content till the end if you want to know what your business envelope should look like and more.

Why Do You Need a Business Envelope?

I can send a mail in a plain envelope, why do I need a customized business envelope? If this is the question that is popping in your head, here are the answers.

1.    To make your business impression

A business envelope is the first thing that receiver notices upon receiving a mail, so it becomes your first ding. In some cases, the envelope becomes the reason behind the opening and reading of your mail. To mark your credibility and experience, you need to make your business envelope attractive.

2.    Makes you shine out from the rest

Companies get hundreds of emails daily, and many of them have to keep waiting on the side tables forever to get opened. You have to make your mail stand out of that pile to get the recipient's attention. Your business envelope is a success when the receiver feels the urge to open it and see what it has to offer.

Here you can download amazing business envelope templates created in Microsoft Word.

#1 - For Business Advisor

Creative Business Advisor Envelope Template

#2 - For Business Coach

Amazing Business Coach Envelope Example

#3 - For Business Consultant

Blank Business Consultant Envelope Format

#4 - Business Envelope

Customizable Business Envelope Template

#5 - For Business Networking

Printable Business Networking Envelope

How to Make a Business Envelope?

Thanks to this advancement in technology where you can find millions of business envelope templates online. Providentially, you don't have to be a pro to design a business envelope for your company.

These templates are interactive enough to prompt you regarding every required step to follow most easily. Moreover, these templates are designed by professional designers. All you have to do is find a reputable website for designing your envelope (have a look at our interactive business envelope template collection here).

If you are doing it yourself, we recommend using Google Docs or Microsoft Word to customize your business envelope after downloading it. Upon downloading the template, you will find a dummy logo or company name on the template; you need to change it and add your company name, logo, address, etc.

We recommend you use the colors and font of your company letterhead. Besides, you can also play around with the size of the envelope to make it look unique. Once you are satisfied with the design, hit the print button.

What to Look for in A Perfect Business Envelope?

Designing a perfect business envelope using a template is not challenging, but do you know what your business envelope must have on it? Well, if the answer is No, don't worry, here we have all listed what your business envelope should have printed on it.

  • The recipient's name and title should be on the first line.
  • Secondly, it should have a street address, city/state, and a zip code.
  • Further, your business envelope should have the logo of your company.