6+ FREE Job Vacancy Announcement Samples for MS Word

Employees are a matter of lifeline for an entity. Business entities are used to carry out campaigns to hire the most competitive people. It is the skill level and abilities of the employees that make an entity stand out. This is why all of the modern-day business entities are focusing on hiring the most competitive individuals. The human resource department of every organization is working day and night to purify the pool of workers. The purification process never starts after hiring the individuals but rather at the stage of recruitment.

The recruitment calls are carved to hire the right individuals. Human resource management tends to create recruitments calls that ensure hiring the right individuals. Every right tool is used to create a perfect job ad in this regard. The job vacancy announcement is usually made in a number of ways. Business entities try using some graphic templates to create job ads. And, at times, newspapers or television networks are used to announce vacancies at an organization.

Announcing the vacant posts is a vital part of the selection process. This is what drives the ad production. The ad is, however, produced in multiple ways. Some vital steps to follow in the process are described as under.

5 steps for creating a perfect job vacancy announcement

The following steps are taken into account at the time of the vacancy announcement. Every job vacancy announcement follows the standard formal route. But still, one can choose different ways to announce vacant posts. Some common steps to follow are described below.

List all vacancies right at the start

This is the planning phase of the job vacancy announcement, and one needs to collect all the information about the vacant posts before creating an ad. Collecting the data helps managers announce vacancies in a proper manner. One will never be missing any kind of announcement if one has all the list at the table. All of the respective departments can be notified to provide the details about the vacant posts in this regard. Binding the collected data will enable managers to create a productive list for making the right recruitment call.

Make an effective layout

Making a perfect layout for the job vacancy announcement is vital in hiring the right individuals. One cannot just attract the right people without making an ad readable and comprehendible. A standard layout ensures that every bit of information is added in the formal format. It will not only attract the right individuals but also will make an excellent impact on the viewers. Every viewer of the recruitment information will develop an image of the business entity announcing the vacancies.

Choose readable font

Just like format, the font is also essential to choose from while designing a job vacancy announcement. The font needs to be readable; it does not matter which medium you choose to announce the vacant posts. People will find it offensive to view a hardly readable ad. Chances are, candidates will miss the ad if it is not readable. The readability is simply necessary for defining the impact of your ad. A font neither too big nor too small is the right option for the vacancy announcement.

Use a comprehensive color scheme

Although most job vacancy announcements are used to follow the color of the newspaper print when it comes to newspaper ads, it is strongly recommended that one select a specific color scheme while announcing the vacant posts online. The online platforms offer a huge space to carve an outstanding ad for any kind of job announcement. Choosing a color in line with your brand color scheme will help people capture the insights in a comprehensive manner. It will be easy for people to pick the ad when designed in a specific color scheme. 

Proofread and distribute

Once you have chosen the right format coupled with readable font, then it’s time to proofread your edit before finalizing it for distribution. Different kinds of ads are distributed in a different number of ways. But the content of the ads will always remain the same. It does not matter whether you go with an ad, poster, flyer, or a minimalist; the content will always be there. This is why it is always good to proofread before finalizing an announcement for the public.

Job Vacancy Announcement Templates

#1 – For Accountant Job Vacancy

Accountant Job Vacancy Announcement Template

#2 – For Content Writer Job

Content Writer Job Vacancy Announcement Template

#3 – For Graphic Designer Job Vacancy

Graphic Designer Job Vacancy Announcement Template

#4 – For Marketing Assistant Job

Marketing Assistant Job Vacancy Announcement Template

#5 – For Sales Executive Job Vacancy

Sales Executive Job Vacancy Announcement Template

#6 – For Social-Media Manager Job

Social-Media Manager Job Vacancy Announcement Template

Types of job vacancy announcement tools

A job vacancy is announced in a number of ways. Hundreds of styles and designs are used to draw an announcement for the public. But there are four common types that are used to announce vacancies in general. One can use them as tools to deliver the details of a vacancy to the candidates.

Job ad

A job ad is the most common type of tool used to announce a vacant post. It is also considered the traditional form of an announcement, as many entities have been using it to announce vacant posts. The ad is created and distributed in newspapers or magazines to attract a pool of aspirants.

Job poster

A poster is another commonly used tool to announce vacant posts. Many business entities design a poster to announce jobs. It is usually used to announce a few vacancies. Organizations looking to save money are used to opt to the posters for job vacancy announcements.


Many organizations are used design flyers to distribute them to multiple places. A flyer offers more reach at a low cost. Organizations looking to reach more areas at nominal rates are always ready to try flyers.


People are supplied with a lot of ads and sales call every day. Hence, offering them something simple can certainly prove productive. A minimalist can announce a job by simply saying, “we are hiring”. A website or a contact number can be added for further details. The hiring call coupled with vacancy details is the hallmark of a minimalist.

Business entities can choose from a set of options to announce vacant posts. But using the standard format is always the best thing to do. One should consider one’s budget and the recruitment needs while looking to make an announcement about the vacant posts at a workplace.