Top 24 Most Liked Instagram Post Templates IDEAS for MS Word

What are Instagram post templates?

Instagram has become one of the most commonly used platforms, especially by bloggers and influencers who share their lifestyle, clothes, food, travel, and various other inspirations on their Instagram feed. These posts made by bloggers, celebrities, and world-famous brands take a lot of time, effort, and creativity to be designed. Many organizations and celebrities have entire social media teams or PR agencies who are handling their Instagram account and making posts so that they could be more engaging and appealing. However, this does not mean that someone who could not afford to have a PR team could not come up with attractive Instagram post.

You would need to give it a bit more time. For this purpose, Instagram post templates are also widely available at this page which could be easily downloaded. Some of these templates could really help you come up with perfect Instagram posts and level up your gram game.

Editable Discount Code Instagram Templates

There are numerous small businesses running solely on Instagram. Even more established companies with a physical presence also advertise and promote heavily on Instagram. This is because online shopping has become increasingly relevant, especially with the pandemic shutting down the entire world; people have moved towards social media platforms to do their shopping. Businesses very frequently need to make discount posts as sales promotion is a great marketing strategy to attract more customers and increase engagement and word of mouth about your business.

Discount code Instagram post templates can be easily found below in Microsoft Word formats. Choose a template that best fits your business and replicate it to make a post that attracts customers.

#1 – Beauty Salon

FREE Beauty Salon Instagram Post Template

#2 – Holiday Sale

BEST Holiday Sale Instagram Post Template

#3 – Cyber Monday Sale

Instagram Template for a Special Cyber Monday Sale

Customizable Travel Instagram Post Templates with Captions

Instagram is famous for travel bloggers. People love to follow blogs that provide travel inspirations and also show travel journeys to various countries around the world. However, to make a successful travel blog and attract more followers, it is important that the travel posts are such that they provide an experience to the viewers like an augmented reality where they can imagine themselves being on that vacation spot.

In order for a travel post to resonate with the viewers, it is essential that it is perfect aesthetically and comes with graphics and text that compels a user to stop scrolling and engage on the post.

#4 – Summer Travel Post

Summer Travel Instagram Post

#5 – Travel Company Post

Travel Company Instagram Post [Caption]

#6 – World Travel Post

Best World Travel Instagram Post

Happy Holiday Instagram Post Templates

Holiday posts are extremely common on Instagram. It is increasingly becoming part of every holiday and vacation to click some Instagram worthy pictures so that they could be posted on Instagram for everyone to see. However mostly on holidays you do not want to spend too much time on social media just trying to create and design a post. For such busy days it is very convenient to use holiday Instagram post templates which could be easily altered to create extremely attractive holiday posts. They often have a collage which allows a great arrangement of pictures and text making it look like a lot of effort has gone into it.

#7 – Holiday Collection Sale

Amazing Holiday Collection Sale Instagram Post

#8 – Thanksgiving Sale

Holiday Special Sale Instagram ost

#9 – Spa Holiday Sale

Beautiful Spa Holiday Sale Instagram Post

Fashion Instagram Post Templates with Content

Instagram has also become a hub for fashion blogs and fashion businesses. Every business, influencer, celebrity, magazine, etc., makes fashion posts every now and then because they are trendy on Instagram and attract many followers. Since every other person is posting fashion-related content on Instagram, it has become increasingly difficult for influencers, fashion bloggers, and magazines to come up with posts that stand out and could be easily differentiated as professionally done compared to other fashion posts. For this purpose, fashion posts are given a lot of thought, the arrangement of pictures, the caption to go with it, the scheme of colors; everything needs to be perfect.

Fashion Instagram post templates with content ideas can come in handy to visualize how a color theme or picture arrangement would look. There are various templates available below in Microsoft Word formats that can be customized to make them look professional and make the perfect fashion post.

#10 – Fashion Sale Post

Elegant Fashion Sale Instagram Post

#11 – Fashion Sale Expo

Fashion Sale Expo Instagram Post

#12 – Fashion Sale 60%

Fashion Sale Offers Instagram Post

FREE Printable Covid-19 Instagram Templates

Since 2019, Coronavirus has taken over discussions on almost every social media platform, be it Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or even Instagram. All everyone is now interested in posts related to Covid-19 because it is something that has deeply and gravely affected everyone’s lives. Businesses, celebrities, influencers, bloggers, politicians, and all other important or famous people are making posts about Covid-19 as a sense of responsibility towards their community and making them aware and educating them about the safety protocols and much more.

Various topics fall under the subject of Covid-19, which means that there could be multiple posts made by one account talking about social distancing, ways to increase immunity, vaccination information, and a lot more. These posts could be easily created by using Covid-19 Instagram post templates which are now easily available here owing to the popularity of Covid-19 related posts.

#13 – Coronavirus Instagram

Coronavirus COVID-19 Instagram Post

#14 – COVID-19 Prevention

COVID-19 Prevention Instagram Post

#15 – COVID-19 Doctors


Customizable Merry Christmas Instagram Post Templates with Captions

Christmas is one event when everyone wants to celebrate and have fun with their friends and family. However, there are many people who are miles apart from their loved ones and could only send them Christmas greetings through calls and social media. Similarly, many celebrities take up social media platforms like Instagram to send Christmas greetings to their fans and followers who send them to love all year round.

People even make Christmas greetings posts on Instagram just because everyone else is doing it to stay relevant. A great way of making short and appealing Christmas greeting post is to use Instagram post templates for Christmas.

#16 – Christmas Giveaway

Christmas Giveaway Instagram Post

#17 – Christmas Holiday Sale

Christmas Holiday Sale Instagram Post

#18 – Christmas Party Post

Christmas Party Instagram Post

Happy New Year Instagram Post with Captions

The new year is one particular occasion that is celebrated in each and every part of the world. People of every country, religion, race, cast, and ethnicity celebrate New Year’s Eve because everyone looks forwards to the new year as a new beginning and a fresh start. Like fireworks and cheers are a staple for celebrating the new year, making posts on social media platforms and wishing everyone a “Happy New Year” has become something without which the new year celebration feels incomplete.

People love to make posts for new year greetings and post about how they celebrated New Year’s with their friends and family. All you will find on Instagram on 31st December each year would be new year-related posts. These posts could be easily created using Instagram post templates, many of which are available here for free.

#19 – New Year Party

New Year Party Instagram Post

#20 – New Year Sale

New Year Sale Instagram Post

#21 – New Year Discount

New Year Sale Instagram Post

App Promotion Instagram Template for MS Word

#22 – Mobile App Promotion

Mobile App Promotion Instagram Post

#23 – Music App Promotion

Modern Music App Promotion Instagram Post

#24 – Restaurant App

Restaurant App Promotion Instagram Post