10 Inspiring Business Rack Card Designs - FREE Download

Marketing strategies are the driving force behind any successful business. Every business has a primary objective to reach its targeted audience and make the public aware of its services. In this regard, business rack cards are an effective tool as they are reliable, formal, and practical. Besides, business cards also give a professional impression of yours. A standard business rack card size is 4"x9" but you can get it customized according to your choice.

Importance of Using Business Rack Cards

  • Business rack cards can make you stand out among your competitors. You can list the features of your product or service on these business racks along with all the relevant information.
  • As compared to brochures, business cards are more to the point.
  • Moreover, they are highly versatile and grow with your growing venture.
  • Business rack cards can also be used for educating people about your services and products.
  • They are cost-effective and, fortunately, will not cost you a fortune for getting it designed.

What Should Go on a Business Rack Card?

The purpose of making a rack card is to make your potential customer reach out to you quickly. That's why they are placed in a location with substantial foot traffic. This is what you should add to your business rack card.

Your Business Name

Your business rack card should have the name and logo of your business.

Your Phone Number

The second important piece of information to mention in the rack card is your office phone number. This number should be of a customer support officer or a person who has a thorough knowledge of the marketed product or service.

Your Website and Email Address

Don't forget to mention the official website of your business. Also, adding an email address in case of any queries is essential.

Map of Your Office

Instead of only writing the address, go for printing a small map at the back of the card.

How to Customize Business Rack Card Template?

Locate your desirable business rack card template and download the editable file. You can download easy-to-use software to edit these templates. Change the logo and name of your business. Add images and pick a font. You can also change colors if you want to. Once you feel satisfied with the layout and design, print them.

You can also change the colors if you want to. You can also PDF it to distribute virtually. The ideal place to put these rack cards are restaurants, malls, salons, and anywhere you think customers would be sitting idle.  

Tips to Design a Business Rack Card

The purpose of a business rack card is to attract a targeted audience. So, you need to design it by;

  • Making your intentions clear in the very beginning.
  • Using modern theme.
  • Using attractive colors. Red and yellow work amazing. You can choose any attention-grabbing color.
  • Choosing the color scheme wisely according to the nature of your business.
  • Using high-resolution pictures and paper.
  • Include a clear call for action.

Download 10 Amazing Business Rack Cards

Here are some super attractive business rack card templates created in Microsoft Word. Below you can find them along with a download link and preview image.

#1 - For Bakery Business

Modern Bakery Business Rack Card Design

#2 - For Business Advisor

Creative Business Advisor Rack Card Sample

#3 - Business Rack Card

Amazing Business Rack Card Template for MS Word

#4 - For Business Seminar

Ms Word Business Seminar Rack Card

#5 - For Catering Business

Editable Catering Business Rack Card Design

#6 - For Corporate Business

Corporate Business Rack Card Template

#7 - For Insurance Business

Printable Insurance Business Rack Card

#8 - For Music Business

Useful Music Business Rack Card Template

#9 - For Pet Business

Customizable Pet Business Rack Card Design

#10 - For Spa Business

Modern Spa Business Rack Card Template