House for Sale Flyer Templates

9+ Free Download House for Sale Flyer Templates for MS Word

What is House for Sale Flyer?

Whenever you are selling something, the most important step is to advertise its sale to let people know that it is for sale and attract potential buyers. Similarly, for selling a house, a communication medium is extremely important. House for sale flyer is very commonly used tools for advertising the sale of a house to potential buyers. They help increase word of mouth about the sale and also help find a better deal for your house in lesser time. This is why people still like to print house for sale flyers and get them distributed.

Who Needs a House for Sale Flyer?

House for sale flyers are basically marketing tools that are needed by anyone who is selling a house. Most of the time, house owners themselves try and design their own house for sale flyers to let everyone in the neighborhood and outside know that their house is on sale. Many house owners also take services from real estate agents to sell their houses because they wish to avoid the hassle of finding a buyer on their own. In such a case, real estate agents design houses for sale flyers for that particular property being sold.

Real estate agents often have various contacts of people who are looking to buy a home. Thus, they distribute their printed flyers to all such prospective buyers to speed up the house selling process.

How are Flyers Helpful for Selling a House?

Often potential buyers are not connected to sellers, and a proper channel is needed to connect the two parties and aid a transaction. This is true for any kind of buying and selling transaction. Similarly, potential house buyers often do not have the time to go over the internet to find house listings, or sometimes they do not know where to look. With this regard, house for sale flyers could help immensely because they spread the word about a house property being sold and informs potential buyers about it.

Many real estate agencies also issue house for sale flyers that act as a two-in-one marketing tool because it advertises the sale of the property and promotes the real estate agency that has issued the flyers. Even if people are not interested in the house advertised on the flyer, they can contact the agency through the contact information mentioned on the flyer and find another property.

Printable House for Sale Flyers

Below you can download 9 free nicely and beautifully designed House for Sale Flyers created in Microsoft Word format. Anyone can download and customize these flyers easily in MS Word.

#1 – House

Modern House for Sale Flyer Template

#2 – Sweet Home

Editable Home for Sale Flyer Template Microsoft Word

#3 – House for Rent

House for Rent Flyer Template MS Word Free

#4 – Luxury House

Real Estate Flyer Example for a Luxury House

#5 – Modern Home

Modern Home/Property for Sale Flyer (FREE DOWNLOAD)

What are the Most Important Elements of a Flyer?

When you are going through the trouble of designing a house for sale flyer and distributing it, you need to make sure that the flyer is effective and would do its job. This can be ensured by adding some necessary elements without which a house of sale flyer would be incomplete and would not make any sense. Following are these essential elements that you must include.

  1. An Effective Heading:

    This is something that would help catch the attention of the reader. It could simply be “House for sale” or rhetoric like “Are you looking to buy a house?”.

  2. Description of the Property:

    Of course, you cannot attract buyers until you describe what you are selling in detail. Add all the necessary information about the property, such as the location, size, number of rooms, etc.

  3. Your Contact Information:

    The most important element is the contact information which is the call to action. A flyer without the seller’s contact information would be useless.

What are Some Optional Elements that Can be Added to Flyers?

To make your flyer more effective and really attract a buyer, it is important to add more than just the necessary elements mentioned above. Following are some optional features that can be added to make the flyer much more attractive.

  1. Best Features of the House:

    It is a good idea to highlight some of the best features of the property that you are advertising. For instance, if the house has a swimming pool or a penthouse or any feature you feel would help entice a buyer should be highlighted in the flyer.

  2. Details about the price:

    Mentioning the price in the advertisement has its pros and cons thus it is optional to include the price. However, if you do mention the price, try to keep it negotiable and add a note in the flyer saying that the price can be negotiated.

  3. Add Pictures:

    Add some good quality, flattering photos of the property in the flyer to attract buyers because visual aid is always very effective.

#6 – Open House

Printable Open House for Sale Flyer Template

#7 – Property for Sale

Example of House for Sale Flyer

#8 – Commercial

Commercial Real Estate Flyer Template (FREE)

#9 – Realtor House

Realtor House for Sale Poster/Flyer Template

Most Effective Layout for your House for Sale Flyer

When you are designing your own house for sale flyer, you need to pay attention to certain things which will help make the flyer more effective. Ensure that the flyer’s layout is such that it does not look too cluttered and crowded and makes the reader dizzy. Everything should be clearly jotted down with the ease of readability in mind. It is up to you to choose between vertical or horizontal orientation depending upon whatever you think looks better. Once the orientation is decided, it is important to organize the images on the flyer properly.

One or two pictures should go on the front; make sure you select the ones which are most appealing. The arrangement of the text and the pictures should be such that the flyer looks aesthetic and is easy to read. It is also extremely important to choose a font that is clear and simple because a font that is difficult to read is the biggest put-off in any marketing scripture.

Some Useful Tips to Come up with Good House for Sale Flyers

The goal of a house for sale flyer is to attract prospective buyers to the property and eventually drive sales. For a flyer to deliver on this goal, it is important that it is designed in such a way that it is most effective. Following are some tips and tricks that can help achieve that.

  1. Simplicity goes a long way:

    Make sure that your flyer design and content are simple and not too loud or fancy because it could be something that makes the reader uncomfortable. Using vocabulary that is too difficult to be easily comprehended by an average person is never a good idea. Keep it simple.

  2. Use lots of Icons:

    Icons can be great for flyers because they not only save space and look good but also provide visual cues which are more appealing than plain text. For example, instead of writing “location”, you can simply use the pin location icon to mention the property’s location.

  3. Highlight the important stuff:

    Always use different fonts and font sizes for different sets of information. This would highlight the things that are more important and will help the reader get an idea of the message you are trying to put across by just a look at the flyer.