Beautiful Graduation Invitation Card Templates

5+ Beautiful Graduation Invitation Card Templates for MS Word

Graduation is indeed a special occasion in one’s life. People tend to invite all of their close relatives to the ceremony. Sometimes old friends and cousins are also invited. The very best graduation invitation card is developed to invite close people. This college invitation card needs to be the best in design, content, and graphics. One cannot afford to invite people with a dull, clumsy card that exhibits nothing exciting about it. Tell you what, the college invitations are always carved out of excitement. And they need to convey it in their design and statements.

One can create a splendid invitation card by addressing the aesthetics of the receivers. It is good to take care of the season as a theme according to the season can be a good thing to add to the card. A few students also like to match their invitation with the college press. A photo of the college and that of the department can prove helpful in making a card look professional.

Graduation Invitations IDEAS in MS Word Formats

Free college graduation invitation templates are available here in customizable and editable formats. We have designed these samples in print-ready Microsoft word formats.

#1 – College Graduation

Unique College Graduation Party Invitation Card

#2 – Graduation Seminar

Online College Graduation Seminar Invitation Template

#3 – Grad Party

Custom Grad Party Invites Card MS Word

#4 – High School Graduation

Formal High School Graduation Invitation Template

#5 – School Graduation

Personalized School Graduation Invitation Template

How to design college invitations in 5 easy steps

These easy steps described below can be used to create some outstanding college invitations for friends and family members. It is easy to create cards when you have a plan for them.

#1 – Imagine your card’s design

You must have come across a few invitation cards in your life. They were being loaded with the content and a design surrounding the content from all sides. The color of the card is the next thing that makes a card look unique and eye-catching. Not it is your turn to create an invitation. So just brainstorm and try to imagine a card that can present your thoughts appropriately. Designing the graduation invitations relies on not nothing but the power of your imagination.

#2 – Download or install a designing tool

Once you have imagined the design, then it’s time to give wings to your ideology. You can do it by downloading or installing the designing software. Adobe Photoshop or illustrator is the best option, but you can also try Canva to give your canvas the colors it deserves. You need to be an expert in designing to draw the cards in the designing software. But do not worry as there is another helpful option for you.

#3 – Try a college invitation template

A college invitation template is another user that you can try to create invitations for the college. A college invitation template will offer a print-ready layout that just needs a few receiver’s details, and it will start working for you.

#4 – Choose the most striking theme for your invitations

The readymade templates come in multiple designs. You are advised to choose one that best represents your occasion. A theme that can meet the aesthetics of the receivers is always the best one. Templates come in multiple designs, and you can pick one that best suits your needs. You can also edit the template theme to change its colors or the design.

#5 – Fill in the blanks of the template

Once you are clear about everything, just fill in the details about the receivers to make your template work straight away.