FREE Membership Certificate Templates

16 FREE Membership Certificate Templates for MS Word [DOWNLOAD]

What is a membership certificate?

As the name suggests, membership certificates are for those people who want to become a member of a particular organization. These certificates are usually useful for membership-based certificates. For example, if a person is a member of an NGO, the NGO must issue the membership certificate to that person.

Why is it important to have a membership certificate?

Becoming a member of an organization makes people feel recognized and acknowledged. Members love to have membership certificates. If they don’t get one, they often ask for it. People often need to show that they are a member of a particular organization to prove their credibility. For example, being a member of an NGO makes a person acknowledged as an individual who is an active member of society and wants to work for the development and growth of society.

This puts a positive impression on other people, especially on those people who are thinking about whether to hire that person for a job or not.

Why is it important to design a membership certificate?

It is important to note that a membership certificate is not only important for those who earn it. Instead, it is equally important for those who have to issue them to other people. Organizations often want to keep track of members so that they can be informed about important news and events. For this purpose, membership certificates are issued. Additionally, some organizations use these certificates to compel other people to join them.

Using membership certificate templates:

These certificate templates are for those who want to get a certificate designed in a great format. The template allows people to use it for creating a membership certificate as many times as they wish. People used to create the certificate on their own or hire someone who can do this job for them when they needed the certificate. However, with the advent of these templates, it has become convenient for people to design certificates since they don’t need to spend money or time in getting the certificate that they can issue to someone.

Below you can download 16 free membership certificates templates.

Customizable Horizontal Certificates

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches

#1 – Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership Certificate Design

#2 – Membership

Horizontal Certificate of Membership Example

#3 – Club Membership

Club Membership Certificate Template [Free MS Word]

#4 – Church Membership

Church Membership Certificate Template Word

#5 – Golf Club Membership

Free Golf Club Membership Certificate Example

#6 – Football Membership

Customizable Football Membership Certificate Design

#7 – Gym Membership

Free Gym Membership Certificate for MS Word

#8 – Basketball Membership

Horizontal Basketball Membership Certificate

Vertical MS Word Certificates

Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 inches

#9 – Honorary

Vertical Honorary Membership Certificate Design for MS Word

#10 – Membership

Vertical Certificate of Membership for MS Word

#11 – Club

Vertical Club Membership Certificate [Free Microsoft Word]

#12 – Church

Certificate of Church Membership Sample

#13 – Golf Club

Vertical Membership Certificate of Golf Club

#14 – Football

Football Club Membership Certificate Template

#15 – Gym

Vertical Printable Gym Membership Certificate [FREE DOWNLOAD]

#16 – Basketball

Vertical Basketball Membership Certificate Template

How to use the membership certificates?

Using the template for the membership certificate is very easy because it does not require any special skills or expertise to create a certificate. The user is required to find an editable template and then edit it appropriately.

  1. There are lots of websites where the template can be used online or downloaded. Whether you need to utilize it online or offline, the first step is to edit the template.
  2. The user should enter his details into the template such as the name of the organization issuing the certificate, title of the certificate, name of the person who is the recipient of the certificate and is going to be declared as a member, date on which the certificate is issued and much more.
  3. The user can personalize the design of the membership certificate if required.