Party Invitation Templates

18+ Editable Party Invitation Designs for MS Word [FREE Download]

Different kinds of parties are organized on a variety of themes. It depends on the budget or the friends’ list when it comes to organizing a party. People usually take the budget into account while looking to develop party invitation templates. One cannot just afford to invite hundreds of people on a budget that can only accommodate only ten to twenty people. But everyone is not limited in the budget as people used to arrange large parties involving everyone from among friends and family members. Even the fellows and peers are invited to such gatherings.

This is where things are portrayed in quite an extravagant manner. People highlight every bit of the party programs in the invitation cards. The invitation card acts as a pass for the guest to facilitate one in making an entry into the event besides offering details about the party program.

Party Invitation MS Word Examples

Parties of every kind will always depend on the invitation cards. One will always take care of the contents of such a card and will always use it to good effect. A party invitation card will invite people by offering graceful content. It will make a polite call while conveying the excitement of an event at the same time. It will do it formally as well as cordially. One can meet the social as well as formal needs of invitation by using a formal invitation card. Here is how you can also design one with perfection.

Below you can download beautiful & editable party invitation templates. These examples are designed in Microsoft word for every type of parties like beach, bowling, bridal, carnival, engagement, kitty, graduation and wedding parties.

#1 – Beach Party

Beach Party Invitation Card IDEA

#2 – Bowling Party

Amazing Bowling Party Invitation Template

#3 – Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Bachelorette Party Invitation Design

#4 – Cocktail Party

Modern Cocktail Party Invitation Template

#5 – Business Launch Party

Business Launch Party Invitation Template

#6 – Carnival Party

Editable Carnival Party Invitation Card

#7 – Children’s Party

Creative Children's Party Invitation Template

#8 – Construction Company

Editable Party Invitation for Construction Company

#9 – DJ Party

DJ Party Invitation with a Message

#10 – Engagement BBQ Party

Engagement BBQ Party Invitation Template

#11 – Funny Kid’s Party

Funny Kid's Party Invitation Template

#12 – Graduation Party

Editable Graduation Party Invitation Card Design Online

#13 – Kitty Party

Modern Kitty Party Invitation Design

#14 – Music Party

Free Music Party Invitation Template

#15 – Pool Party

Amazing Pool Party Invitation Template

#16 – Spa Party

Printable Invitation Template for Spa Party

#17 – Surprise Retirement Party

Surprise Retirement Party Invitation Template Word

#18 – Wedding Party

Online Wedding Party Invitation Template

10 Tips to Design a Perfect Party Invitation

One can design the perfect party invitation templates by using the tips given below. It is good to try these tips when looking to design an invitation card.

#1 – Use a bright color scheme

The color scheme has a profound effect on the overall outlook of your party invitation card. You could have sent a text message or an email to invite your friends and fellows. But opting for the invitation card means you are trying to do something unique. The uniqueness can therefore be carved by using a striking scheme. You are advised to decide on the color scheme right in the beginning. You can choose multiple colors and shades, but it is strongly recommended that you select bright colors for your party invitation.

#2 – Combine a variety of font styles that complement each other

Text matters the most while writing an invitation. It is the text that will either capture the attention of the reader or will make one feel less excited. Yes, the words matter a lot, but it is also the font that makes the impressions. This is why you are advised to use the decorative font in the headings and subheadings. You can go with the plain text in the body of the card. Combining different fonts that complement each other will provide a unique look to your card.

#3 – Give your invitation a captivating header

The header or the top few lines hold unique importance when we talk about interacting with people via text. In the case of party invitation templates, it is the header that matters. You can capture the attention of the receiver and can give one an idea about the party by using a captivating header. You can add a teaser on top of the invitation to force the reader to get through the body of the invitation.

#4 – Use a color filter to make the text pop-up

At times the text of your invitation can fade away before the busy background image. One may not be able to read your message appropriately if the color filter is not used. Using a color filter, you can simply highlight your primary text. You can make your text pop up by using color filters. The color filters will help you make the texts remain in focus.

#5 – Keep one image in focus

You can use as many images as you may deem fit to adorn your party invitation templates. But keeping one image in focus will make your card look elegant. You can add the desired text in that image and can use it as the thematic image of your card. It will give a unique look to the card, but it had to be relevant to the text’s theme.

#6 – Align the information vertically on your card

Aligning the information vertically on your invitation card will give a classy look to it. It will start looking like a card when you will add columns to it. A plain horizontal text, on the other hand, will make it look like a bookish text. You can also add text on one side and can add an image or a special header to the next side. Aligning the data in that way will surely make your card look splendid.

#7 – Fine-tune your borders and shading

Borders and shading effects can be used across an entire party invitation template. One can fine-tune the borders and shading after adding the texts and images. It is good to use borders and shading that keeps the text aligned with the added images. Remember, it will always be the border that will make your card look like a card from all perspectives.

#8 – Use image frames if you are adding multiple photos

One can add multiple images to the party invitation templates, but it requires getting a little precise before doing it. Multiple photos are very likely to merge with each other, at least to the border. And, this is where you can keep the identity of each image intact by using the frames. The frames will not let images mix up with one another.

#9 – Consider a few readymade party invitation templates

Although you are carving a party invitation template to use as a primary tool to send multiple invitations to the guest. But during the process of your template development, you can check a few readymade templates and examples. It will help you carve an outstanding party invitation while you will also get a whole lot of inspiration in the meantime.

#10 – Add a color border and proceed to print

You can add a final color border to your card, and here your template is ready for printing.