Download Sleeping Do Not Disturb Door Hanger Printable MS Word

Sleeping Do Not Disturb Door Hanger Printable MS Word
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What are Door Hanger Templates?

You must have come across door hangers at various public places. Those laminated, mostly rectangular signs hung on a door are basically the standard door hangers. Restaurants, hotels, motels, offices, retail outlets, gyms, and many other public places use door hangers very frequently. The most commonly used door hanger template is the one with the open and closed sign, which is used by almost every shop or restaurant all around the world.

The “Do not Disturb” signs are also very commonly used, especially in the hotel and motel industry or even spas and resorts, for preventing people from entering into rooms to ensure privacy for their guests. Door hangers are basically a great way to communicate with customers and guests and ensuring that the day-to-day operations of your business run smoothly without any inconvenience.

How to Make a Door Hanger Template in Word

Unfortunately, Quark Xpress is not an option for Windows users, but the good news is that it is equally easy to design a door hanger template in Microsoft Word. A few simple steps could lead you to your own customized door hanger template in almost no time. Simply go to file and search for a door hanger template.

Choose the template that you like and start editing it. Change everything you need to, the content, font size, font style, layout, color theme, and add or remove background if there is one. You can also insert images or clip art if you wish to. Once you are done, save it and print it out.