Free Death Announcement Cards

6+ Death Announcement Card Designs With FREE Templates for MS Word

Human dreams and wishes keep growing until we know someday that it is the end of life for a person. Death keeps resonating around our day-to-day routine, and it takes people by surprise. In certain instances, people know that a diseased person is going to die after a specific time, as doctors have suggested. But in many other scenarios like an accident or a cardiac arrest, death takes people by surprise. It leaves absolutely no time to plan anything as a person departs suddenly. This is when it hurts people the most. Death announcement card designs and templates can be used to convey tragic news to the people.

An unmet goal, a dream, or a wish keeps haunting people in such a case. It gets really difficult for people to digest the news of a death in such a scenario. But somehow, one has to announce the death to inform all the loved ones. The funeral is the last time one can see a departing person’s body.

What is a death announcement card?

A death announcement card is a stencil people use to disseminate tragic news about the death of a person. Like all other commonly used cards around us, this card offers space to add all precise details of the deceased person. It lets one convey the news in a formal manner.

One can add all basic details by making good use of the space of the card. Sometimes people also used to add a picture of the deceased person. It makes things look even clear for a receiver as one can take the reality into account in a better way. The basic element of every death announcement card is described below.

  • Name of the deceased person
  • Picture of the person deceased
  • Date and time of the death
  • Reason of the death if applicable
  • Funeral time and date

This card is used to convey about the death and funeral. But here, it is vital to mention that it is always different from a funeral card.

Difference between death announcement card and the funeral card

These cards are meant to address the news about the death of a person. Although they include details about the funeral procession as well, they stand different from a funeral card. A funeral card, on the other hand, is used to honor a deceased person. It will always highlight the dead person’s life and will tend to honor his/her good work for humanity, community, or the country.

The death announcement, on the other hand, is used to convey the news to the people. It acts as a messenger and delivers news related to death and other related programs. Sometimes people try to merge them both; this is what happens when one likes to save some bucks on designing different cards. And, it is very much possible as one can add all the details in one card and can deliver the details appropriately to the receivers.

Why is a death announcement card always needed?

This card is required to carve and deliver the news about the death of a person. Although one can send a message on the telephone, it is not always possible. People are likely to go through a period of grief and deep sorrow, and sending messages from a cell phone is not always possible. This is where one can develop a card to deliver the news to the public. It is always easy to use the Death announcement card for spreading the news about the death of a person.

The card will not only offer space but also will let one edit the information before sending the message to the public. It is always easy to develop and edit details when you are writing things on a card template.

What to place on a death announcement card?

Death announcement cards are meant to address a tragic event. One can use a template to add all the necessary details. Such a card is usually carved by any of the close relatives of the deceased person. But at times, friends are also used to writing on behalf of the family. Some necessary things to add to the announcement card are described below.

1. Express the grief

It is a general practice that a death announcement is made with a minimum amount of words. People are not in a mood to write much during such an event. But still, one can write at least a few sentences to express grief and sorrow.

These cards are meant to address things with perfection. Every receiver is likely to feel grieved on receiving the tragic news. Hence it is always good to express grief and prepare a person in the first few lines for reading the bad news.

2. Add a personal message

One can add a personal message on the card to announce the death news in the most customized manner. Adding a personal message will make a receiver feel moved. It will lessen the impact of the news as one can feel your support. Adding some sentences full of compassion and sympathy can undoubtedly reduce the impact of the message.

3. Add a poem

Some Death announcement cards come with space for poetic verses. It is a common practice in certain communities that people tend to recite some verses over the death of a person. You can also add some poetic verses on the card to make it look more applicable.

One can add all the good words to make the news digestible for the reader. It is easy to do that by giving a touch of sympathy to the sentences.

Printable Death Announcement Card Examples

Death shakes souls and shatters hearts, but it is a reality. No one can deny it while it is simply unstoppable. It can take place anytime, so we have to remain prepared for it. The news about the death of a person must not be an element of surprise for anyone as it has been happening around us for decades. We got to gather the courage to announce it properly.

Below you can download six professionally designed death announcement cards in Microsoft Word format. These are customizable and printable designs for any regular printer. We have tried and prepared the list of these cards for every type of death announcement.

#1 – For Father’s Death

Father Death Announcement Card

#2 – For Mother’s Death

Mother Death Announcement Card

#3 – For Son Death

Son Death Announcement Card

#4 – For Grandfather’s Death

Grandfather Death Announcement Card

#5 – For Grandmother’s Death

Grandmother Death Announcement Card

#6 – Customizable Card

Customizable Death Announcement Card