9+ Free Customizable College ID Card Templates for MS Word

A college ID card is the identity of students and staff members, which they have to carry throughout their academic career in a particular college. Some institutions prefer to have a horizontal-shaped ID card, while others like vertical. Whichever shape it is, it has a unique student ID number, their name, photo, and other relevant information, along with the expiry date.

The advancement in this College ID card is a much effective smart card technology. These smart card doesn't need any manual entry system; you just have to place them on the reader for detection.

The Importance of College ID Cards

The college ID card system is one of the most effective and convenient ways to enhance the security of the ambiance. It is a strategic step taken by any organization that only has its positive impacts. Let's look at some of the elements that make these ID cards essential for any college.

1.    Immediate Identification

The college ID card is the source of immediate identification of students and staff. In case of any emergency, the staff can recognize students for help and vice versa. Moreover, it becomes easier for them to access public transport, copying or printing documents, allocating as transit passes, or get access to laundry.

2.    Visitors can Distinguish among Staff and Students

Besides being an immediate identification for school or college faculty, these ID cards make it easier for visitors to distinguish among staff and students. It also helps the administration to identify their students in case of any disagreement or fight.

Benefits of Wearing a Student ID Card

Along with providing streamlined surveillance, Student ID cards also;

  • Increase the security of the campus.
  • Protect students' personal data via storing it in a smart card chip which is only accessible when the card is read.
  • Upgrades the technology game of the institution. It also lets the administration evaluate the log activity and printer usage of students.

How to Design a College ID Card?

Luckily, there are thousands of College ID cards available on the internet. You have to identify your priorities, i.e., your desired shape and size of the card, borders/headers, picture placement, color, font, etc.

When you are all set and know what you are looking for, you just have to choose a theme/format and customize the branding elements. Moreover, instead of designing a card from scratch, you can download an ID card template and customize it accordingly.

Once you are done with the designing and editing, get it printed on high-quality material. If you have selected a free template, ensure it has all the required features, including your desired color chart. Introduce the college ID card system in your institution and improve the security of your campuses.

What Should a College ID Card Look Like?

A college ID card should have an institution logo, Name, Date of birth, and Joining student's date. Further, it should also have the institution title and address mentioned along with a serial number. You can find amazing college ID card templates designed in Microsoft Word here.

#1 - For College

Printable College ID Card

#2 - Blank College Card

Blank Student ID Card

#3 - Vertical Campus Card

Modern Campus ID Card

#4 - For University

Amazing University Identity Card

#5 - For High School

Editable High School ID Card

#6 - For Private College

Creative Private College ID Card

#7 - For College Instructor

College Instructor ID Card

#8 - For University Student

Modern University Student ID Card

#9 - For Vocational College

Vocational College ID Card Template