6+ Free Printable Certificate Of Employment Samples for MS Word

The employer demands an employment certificate or a certificate of employment when you go for a job interview to know about your previous job record and achievements. Upon leaving the job, the employee requests the employers to issue a certificate of employment.

When to ask for a Certificate of Employment?

Know that your employer is not responsible for taking the initiative to issue you an employment certificate. You have to request in the form of a written application to ask for a certificate of employment. Your application should include why you need an employment certificate and what areas of expertise you want to get highlighted.

Besides, you can also ask for a certificate of employment for special circumstances like visa applications or bank loan applications. In this situation, your employee will state your income, your contact, and assurance that you have a stable job.

When Does One Need a Certificate of Employment?

An employee has a right to get a certificate of employment from employers, and not issuing it upon request to an employee is a serious offense. Here are some of the situations when you need a certificate of employment.

Upon Applying for a Job

Your new employer will ask for the certificate of employment to analyze your potential and area of expertise. This certificate is evidence that you are qualified and eligible for this job.

Visa Applications

If you are planning a trip abroad and planning to apply for a visa, don't forget to attach the certificate of employment. This certificate is a piece of evidence that you have a stable job in the country, and you will come back to resume it.

Financial Applications

If you want to apply for a bank loan, you can request your company to issue a certificate of employment to you as evidence that you can pay them off. Usually, employers have no reason to say no to you, so; you can get your employer certificate even staying at your job.

Download Certificate Of Employment in Microsoft Word Format

Find below 6 professionally designed Employment Certificate in Microsoft word format with amazing designs and layouts. Anyone can easily customize these templates as per their requirements and print using any regular printer.

#1 - Certificate of Employment

Modern Certificate of Employment Template

#2 - With Compensation Design

Certificate of Employment with Compensation

#3 - Certificate of Service

Amazing Employment Certificate of Service Template

#4 - For Employment Salary

Customizable Employment Salary Certificate Template

#5 - For Restaurant Employment

Editable Restaurant Employment Certificate Example

#6 - Employment Certificate

Blank Employment Certificate Sample

What is in a Certificate of Employment?

A certificate of employment includes the following information.

  • Personal data of the employee. (name, family name, date of birth, location of birth)
  • A brief depiction of employee's curriculum in the company. (date of joining, their position, and the activities they exercised)
  • Assessment of employee's performance in the company. (ability to meet deadlines, customer satisfaction, budget handling, etc.)
  • Evaluation of employee's behavior in the company. (teamwork, leadership skills, etc.)
  • Data of the employer. (company's name, address, and logo)

Format Guidelines for Certificate of Employment

Types certificate of employment is the most practical and professional form.

  1. All the descriptions and details of the employee's curriculum in the company and the positions on which he had been working till now. Mention all endeavors that he/she was executing while working for you. Try to discuss the qualities of the employee that you admired.
  2. Besides activities, another significant point to embrace is the proficiencies of the employee. This can state what ratio of the clientele and the company's board was contented by the employee. This will help his future organization to assess the employee's behavior.
  3. Another crucial part of the employment certificate is the date of joining and when the employee left.
  4. The manners of the departing employee should also be highlighted in the certificate.

Using Employment Certificate Templates

Never create a certificate featuring misleading information about the employer. If you terminate the employee for some reason and have to issue a certificate, use the word "terminated." Providing a certificate based on false information can be dangerous for both ex and current employers. Further, the certificate should also carry the signature of a higher authority.

Luckily, there are plenty of employment certificate templates available on the internet. These templates can be of great help for authorities who are looking for a perfect formatted certificate.

As professionals design these templates, there is no possibility of error. All you must do is download a template you like and personalize it. You can easily edit it by including the data and other information about your employee in the space provided on the templates. (here are some perfect certificates for employment templates to select from).

How to Request a Certificate of Employment?

If you are an employee and want to request a certificate of employment but are confused about how to make it. Here are some fantastic guidelines for consideration while writing a request application to get your certificate.

Begin with Salutation

Address your employer by his/her first name to make your employee feel that you are confident, self-assured, and positive. If you don't know the receiver of the application, it is appropriate, to begin with "to whom it may concern."

Introduce Yourself

After salutation, introduce yourself and mention your name along with the title of your job. Next, write the purpose of writing this document

Describe all the details

Now mention all the details you want to be highlighted in your employment certificate. You can ask for any specification to be mentioned in your certificate that deserves acknowledgment.

Indicate when you expect to receive your employment certificate

Mention a date when you expect to receive your certificate of employment so that the company doesn't leave you hanging. This will make the recipient gather the facts and relevant information before the designated date.

Be Polite

You can include all your demands you wish to be included in your employment certificate but be polite and respectful throughout the request application. Even if you don't get the certificate on time, give them a day or two as the responsible person might have a busy schedule.

Wrapping Up

A certificate of employment is an important document that you should get while quitting any job. As an employer, it is better to go for an employment certificate template as it is the quickest way to fulfill your employee's requirement on time. We have included several amazing employment certificate templates that can be of great help. Good Luck to you!