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10+ FREE Blank University ID Card Templates for MS Word

The universities are dealing with a lot of courses and multiple students nowadays. The more prominent universities are likely to manage hundreds of thousands of students in a session. This is what makes it imperative to regularize the flow of students in and out of the university. It is vital, not only for the security of the students but also for the satisfaction of their parents. Even the staff cannot afford to accommodate unregistered students in any case. Similarly, a university will only be able to manage matters related to the students if it has allotted something unique to identify and classify students. One cannot just categorize thousands of students without using blank university ID card templates.

University ID cards provide management the basis to organize everything relates to the syllabus and the students. Organizational security, discipline, studies, and even exams rely on the use of university ID cards. They are not only used for identification alone but also have multiple vital roles to play at an educational institute.

How to create a university identity card?

The university ID cards can be developed by sorting the needs in general. One should assess the organizational needs in the first place before trying to develop a card structure. Using blank university ID card templates can also prove productive as it can pave the way for really effective development. Other essentials are described as under.

1. Choose a theme for the card

Every university has its specific brand logo and color patterns. A university ID card developed in line with the colors of the university brand can prove really useful. This is why it is so vital to choose a theme in the first place. One can also pick a ready-to-apply theme by applying a ready-made template. Hundreds of blank university ID card templates are ready to serve you in this regard.

2. Decide on the contents of the card

Every different educational institute has a different set of requirements when it comes to ID card creation. The contents of the identity card should therefore be chosen after taking the needs into account. A need-based development will make it easy for the management to organize and sort the matters related to the students. Adding basic details of the students and their course is the first thing, while the university logo is another thing to add value to the card. Blank university ID card templates can also help you decide on the contents in a quick time. One can consider applying a template to make the case straight.

3. Get it signed by the respective authorities

One can develop identity cards directly from blank university ID card templates. But all those developed cards are of no use if they are not duly signed. One can get all of them signed directly from an authority or can use the scanned signatures on the cards. It is vital to know that signatures must be backed with some additional security features like bar codes.

By developing professional-looking university ID cards, you can ensure smooth operations for an institute. It gets easier for the management to steer the ship in that case.

Horizontal University ID Card Samples


Blank university id card 1


Blank university id card 2


Blank university id card 3


Blank university id card 4


Blank university id card 5

Vertical University ID Card Examples


Vertical Blank university id card 1


vertical Blank university id card 2


vertical Blank university id card 3


vertical Blank university id card 4


vertical Blank university id card 5