Printable Birthday Gift Certificate Templates

12+ Free Printable Birthday Gift Certificate Templates for MS Word

It is the birthday of your loved one, and you want to gift something to them? Are you clueless about what to purchase for them and want to give them the flexibility to choose a gift for themselves on their own? Use a birthday gift certificate.

What is a birthday gift certificate?

A birthday gift certificate is a piece of the document given to someone you want to purchase a birthday gift for. With the help of a birthday gift certificate, you can allow the recipient to buy a gift of his choice.

Importance of using the birthday gift certificate:

People usually spend hours and days deciding what gift they should purchase for someone. The use of a birthday gift certificate provides them with the flexibility to get away with the tension of buying a gift for someone. When they give a birthday gift certificate to someone, they allow them to purchase anything of their choice from anywhere.

Using the birthday gift certificate template:

A birthday gift certificate template can be used when you want to use the gift certificate but don’t want to create it from scratch. The template provides a pre-designed certificate template and makes it easy for the user to design the certificate and then gift it to someone they want. It is easy to create the certificate using the template since the format of the certificate is always specified in the birthday gift certificate template. In this way, those who don’t know how to design the certificate can use the template and save time and effort.

Horizontal Templates

Vertical Templates

Designing the birthday gift certificate template:

So, when you have decided to gift a certificate to someone, you must have a design in your mind to incorporate in the gift certificate. Designing the gift certificate includes:

  1. Choosing the design of the certificate:

    Just like a birthday gift, a certificate also needs to be decorated so that you can show your interest and love for the person you are designing this certificate for. You can add beautiful images to the certificate in the background to make it look more attractive.

  2. Adding the birthday wishes and other content:

    A birthday gift certificate does not have to be blank. Instead, you should express your emotions and love for the recipient. You can add birthday wishes on the birthday gift certificate template since it is editable and highly customizable.

  3. Adding the borders:

    A birthday gift certificate has to be beautiful and attractive to reflect your creativity using the certificate template. Add borders of your choice to the gift certificate and send it out to anyone you want.

  4. Using the template for designing:

    A template provides a simple and easy-to-customize certificate in Microsoft Word. People with no creativity or artistic mind can use the above templates to get a well-designed certificate in MS Word. The template keeps the situation into consideration. Therefore, the design it provides goes well with the event.