Birth Announcement / Flyer Templates for MS Word

6+Birth Announcement / Flyer Templates for MS Word [Free Download]

The baby birth is indeed a matter of joy not only for parents but also for close relatives. It spread happiness all around, but it is also important to understand that it is always the news that works. No one will ever be able to enjoy it until one is told about the birth of a baby. The baby birth announcement is the only thing that conveys the good news to friends and family living a little far off from the baby’s birthplace. This is why parents are used to writing formal baby announcements to inform close people about the birth of a baby.

What do you write on a birth announcement?

The baby shower parties and birthdays are all linked with the announcement of the birth. There are different tones that are used in writing a birth statement. It usually depends on the recipients and the level of understanding or kind of relation of the receiver with the parents. Generally, the best birth announcements come with standard information about the birth of a baby.

Baby birth statements are used to carry the details about the birthday, date, parent names, and sometimes baby names. Parents are also used to tell or ask about the baby’s name in the letters. The baby’s name is often decided right before the people have started developing an announcement. But on a number of occasions or just to add more spark into the invitation, people get suggestions for baby names.

Different Types of Templates

Birth announcements vary a lot when it comes to the taste of people. Different people like to design them in a different unique style. People in general commonly use the following styles.

#1 – Gorgeous Template with Photos

Every birth announcement excites people but adding a photo can make it look even exciting. One can do wonders by adding the image of the newly born baby to the birth statement card. It does not matter whether you develop a baby announcement card or a letter. You can still add a picture to them. It is easy to add a photo in the letter, while it is always easy to attach it to a card. You can also use a template to carve a remarkable statement out of scratch.

Gorgeous Photo birth announcement template

You can take your time to leave space for the photo and other related information while designing such a stencil. Tell you what; a lot of people want to see a baby after hearing the news about its arrival. Adding a photo to the baby announcements can prove excellent. This is why many people are trying it nowadays.

#2 – Traditional Template with a Picture

The announcement with a photo onboard is always a fantastic idea. But it is not always practical, especially when people are writing quickly after the birth of a baby. Similarly, a busy work schedule following the birth of a baby may also stop people from making a photo-aided announcement. This is where people tend to write some traditional kinds of birth announcements. Being traditional never means you cannot write something catchy in them. It just connotes that the wording and the format will follow the conventional path during template development.

Beautiful Baby Birth Announcement Template

Editable DIY Birth Announcement / Flyer Template in MS Word

Traditional baby templates are not only carved in specific scenarios but are also adopted by many people in general. They are often written in the third person form while mentioning the parents in between the lines.

#3 – Baby Birth Announcement Cards in MS Word

Third and somewhat more common is the informal kind of baby birth flyers. It is developed by many parents as it is the easiest to be carved in every scenario. It never really ask for any special arrangement, and one may never really require following any specific format either. It is a kind of birth announcement written in the first person and on the baby’s behalf. Your baby’s siblings can also add some sparkling stuff by writing some awesome snippets. It will definitely excite receivers and will convey a sense of excitement.

[It’s a BOY]

Awesome Baby Boy Birth Announcement Card Template [MS Word Format]

[It’s a GIRL]

Brilliant Baby Girl Birth Announcement Card Template [It's a GIRL]

[Twin Baby Arrival]

Twin Baby Arrival - Twins Baby Birth Announcement Template [MS Word Format]

The baby birth cards will always allow you more space to write and add things without worrying about any specific criterion. And, this is the reason why informal birth statements are developed commonly around us.

What should be the wording?

A baby announcement is written in different tones. It depends on the recipients and the relationships of the sender and the receiver. Tell you what; finding the words is never that easy, especially when you have your first newborn in your lap. But still, you got to tell the people about the birth of your young one. You can afford to be stylish and a bit cheeky, but it is good to keep the tone formal when writing to your colleagues.

Adding some lines to convey your excitement will also take the recipients over the moon as they will also start enjoying the event. Similarly, one can add even more glare when it comes to writing baby announcements for friends since friends are always ready to receive such news and will never mind, so you can also afford to be frank and informal in your words and tone while writing to friends.

What to add in the birth announcement?

Receiving news about the newborn baby is a matter of excitement for everyone. People would have been excited to know more about your kid after reading about the birth of your baby. It is always good to add some additional details to make people know a little more about the event. One can write about the place and time of birth. Names of the parents and dates will, of course, remain an essential part of it. But adding hospital names and birth time can be an exciting thing to do. One can also add a little more spark by writing a few lines about how it started.

A little more detail about how things went on your newborn’s birthday will surely make people feel excited. But it is not mandatory, especially when you are writing to formal relations. You can add height and weight in all different scenarios, however. It will be a part of the essential information to be added to the birth announcement.

You can download 6 beautiful Birth Announcement templates here. All of these printable and customizable templates are created in MS Word format. We have used temporary pictures in these templates, which can easily replaceable with any other picture.