Best Facebook Post Templates for MS Word

30+ Best Facebook Post Templates for MS Word [FREE Download]

What are Facebook post templates?

Facebook has undoubtedly become one of the most used platforms all around the globe. As much as people use it for creating personal profiles, they also use it to promote and advertise their businesses. Facebook posts are important tools for marketing strategy. The right kind of post could bring in a lot of positive attention towards a commodity, service, or even a celebrity. Hence, for this purpose, there are various Facebook post templates available below which help users in coming up with better drafted Facebook posts that are more aesthetically pleasing and suited to the audience they wish to target.

Facebook Sale Post Templates

Coming up with a variety of promotional marketing strategies is what businesses do to keep the engagement rates high and penetrate through the market they are trying to capture. A powerful marketing tactic, especially nowadays, has become sales and discounts. Customers wait months for brands to announce their annual, biannual, or special occasion sales. For announcing the sale, a Facebook post needs to be drafted, and the brand needs to ensure that the post is attractive and appealing enough that it instantly draws customers’ attention. For this purpose, various sale post templates could be used.

These Facebook sale post templates could be easily found below in Microsoft Word formats for many different kinds of businesses and industries, and they use graphics and text that look professional yet appealing.

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale Facebook Post Template

Holiday Sale

Holiday Sale Facebook Post Template

Summer Sale

Summer Sale Facebook Post MS Word Template

Covid-19 Facebook Post Templates

Since last year, one topic of conversation that has taken over every social media platform is Covid-19. Businesses, celebrities, influencers, organizations, and almost everyone else has been spreading awareness about the pandemic as a social responsibility and constantly posting about it to stay relevant. Hence Covid-19 Facebook post templates have suddenly become very popular. It is pretty easy to find a template here for various Covid-19 related topics such as social distancing instructions, wishing safety and health, mental health awareness during the pandemic, health-related posts for Covid-19 victims, and much more.

These templates could be downloaded easily using the following links in Microsoft Word formats, and a post could be made using the same or making some small necessary changes.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Social Distancing

Coronavirus COVID-19 Social Distancing Facebook Post Template

Coronavirus COVID-19 Virus Protection

Coronavirus COVID-19 Virus Protection Facebook Post Template

Coronavirus COVID-19 Stay at Home

Coronavirus COVID-19 Stay Home Facebook Post Template

Facebook Travel Post IDEAS [MS Word]

Have you noticed influencers and celebrities making such aesthetically pleasing travel posts on Facebook? If you are wondering why theirs look so sorted and professional and yours does not, it is because they are probably using travel post templates. Designing a travel post from scratch and coming up with the perfect caption takes a lot of effort, time, and creativity. Thus, most bloggers and influencers usually take help from downloadable templates and customize them by giving them a personalized touch and making it more suitable for the theme and feel of their feed.

The following Facebook travel post templates developed in MS Word format make life so much easier and end up looking far better.

Summer Travel Post

Facebook Summer Travel Post Template

Travel Brands Post

Facebook Travel Brands Post Template

Travel Trends Post

Facebook Travel Trends Post Template

Customizable Facebook Food Post Templates

Some of the highest engagement generating posts on Facebook are food posts which might be a reason why they are so common. Food posts are made regularly by restaurants and celebrities, and influencers because they seem to instantly attract the attention of a person who is scrolling through their feed. Most food businesses and food bloggers often make use of food Facebook post templates which help arrange the picture and text in a way that it looks very professional and mouth-watering at the same time.

The following Facebook templates designed in Microsoft Word also offer descriptions that add to the irresistibility of the food that is being posted and hence attracts much more views, likes, comments, and shares.

Food Influencer

Facebook Food Influencer Post IDEA in MS Word

Healthy Food

Facebook Healthy Food Post in Microsoft Word Format

Restaurant Food

Facebook Restaurant Food Post Template

Real-estate Facebook Post Templates

No business can afford to lose out on a massive chunk of the target audience they could capture through Facebook. Many real estate agencies are, thus for the same reason, using Facebook as a platform to advertise their businesses and make posts about the properties that they are dealing with. However, as with all business posts, real estate Facebooks posts need to be highly professional looking. A number of real estate post templates are available here, which are also categorized by the type of property one needs to make a post about. These templates designed in Microsoft Word could help draft a post that looks and reads perfectly and is also very engaging.

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent Facebook Post Example

Real-Estate Facebook Marketing

Real-Estate Facebook Marketing Post IDEA

House for Sale Post

Facebook House for Sale Post Template

Spa Facebook Post Banner Templates

Have you ever come across a spa post while casually scrolling through your feed that soothes all your senses and urges you to rush to your nearest spa immediately to have some relaxing time for yourself? Well, every salon and spa business and even influencers and celebrities thrive to come up with such a post that instantly appeals to the viewer and makes them want to make a booking or at the very least like and comment on the post.

A great way to come up with the most attractive spa post is to use our spa Facebook post templates for MS Word, which could help with the overall aesthetics and wording of the post and also save you some time.

Spa Center

Spa Center Facebook Post Example

Spa Holiday Sale

Spa Holiday Sale Facebook Post Template

Spa Opening

Spa Opening Facebook Post IDEA

Creative Happy Birthday Facebook Post IDEAS

Another one of the most common Facebook posts are birthday posts. Birthday greeting posts are made by celebrities and organizations and ordinary users for their friends, family, and Facebook network. Suppose you find yourself trying to come up with a birthday post every other month and not being able to find the perfect words or maybe ending up wasting too much time in coming up with a simple Facebook post. In that case, you probably need to use the following birthday Facebook post templates.

These are available here in Microsoft Word format and could save a lot of time and effort as all you need to do is simply download one, make some necessary changes, and you are good to go.

Birthday Invitation

Editable Facebook Birthday Invitation Post Template

Birthday Party Post

Facebook Birthday Party Post IDEA in MS Word

Birthday Wishes Post

Facebook Birthday Wishes Post

Marry Christmas Facebook Post IDEAs with Examples

Traditionally, people used to greet each other a happy Christmas either through calling them or meeting them. However, since Facebook has been introduced, one of the most famous ways of wishing each other a happy Christmas is by making a Facebook post. However, no one likes to spend too much time and effort in designing a post from scratch, especially for generic posts such as this one. While everyone is already very busy, it is rather unnecessary. Hence, to make life easier, Christmas Facebook post templates could be downloaded from the following links in MS Word format and used after making a few alterations and adding some personalized touches.

Christmas Giveaway

Christmas Giveaway Facebook Post Example

Christmas Holiday Sale

Christmas Holiday Sale Facebook Post IDEA

Christmas Party

Christmas Party Facebook Post Template

Happy New Year Facebook Post Examples

Are you thinking of wishing your friends and family on Facebook a very happy new year this time around? There are various new year Facebook post templates available online for various types of greetings, such as professional new year posts suitable for businesses or wishing colleagues and casual ones that are perfect for wishing friends and family. There are customizable templates available here for MS Word for free that can be downloaded and customized to the tone and aesthetics of your business or personality. Choose the one which you like the most and wish your Facebook network a very happy new year within no time!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Facebook Post IDEA

New Year Evening

New Year Evening Facebook Post Template

New Year Sale

New Year Sale Facebook Post in MS Word

Holiday Facebook Post Templates

As soon as a holiday comes up, there are a plethora of Facebook posts on your feed wishing and greeting you. Holiday posts are easy to draft, and they could be pretty straightforward. However, in order for a holiday Facebook post to stand out from the clutter and bring in a higher engagement rate, a little more thought and effort needs to go into it. There are a number of Holiday Facebook post template available here which could be used to make a good holiday post. These templates are standardized and developed in MS Word; hence, it is good to make some changes and alterations before they are posted.

Fashion Facebook Post Templates

If you are an influencer or a fashion blogger, or a celebrity, you would know how hard it is to come up with a perfect fashion-related post for your Facebook page. The arrangement of pictures, the color theme, the text and all the aesthetics need to be correct so that the post could successfully attract more audience, generate higher engagement, and not only that but also bring in a higher number of positive sentiments from the target audience and viewers. Using the following fashion template could be an excellent way to start because even if you end up altering most of it, it could serve as an initial guide for what would look good and what would not.

Facebook App Promotion Post Banners

App Promotion

App Promotion Facebook Post Template

Online Shop Promotion

Online Shop Promotion Facebook Post Banner

Restaurant Promotion

Restaurant Promotion Facebook Post Sample