Amazing Travel Ticket Templates

10+ Amazing Travel Ticket Templates for MS Word

What is Travel Ticket Template?                      

Travel ticket templates are specifically designed to come up with travel tickets. There are various different kinds of tickets, and they are all extremely different from each other based on their purpose and use. Hence, using a generic ticket template for coming up with travel tickets is not a great idea as they would not be most effective.

Travel ticket templates could be found online or could be designed from scratch on various different software and programs such as Quark Xpress, Adobe, Microsoft Word, etc. They can be used to come up with professional-looking travel tickets for your organization. Travel ticket templates are being used by almost all organizations belonging to the travel and tourism industry, most prominently by airlines.

Why are Tickets Important?

Tickets are basically documents that authorize entry or access to a certain event, place, experience, or service. They are extremely important because they help maintain a restriction of who has access and who does not. Unfortunately, most things in this world come with a price tag which means only those who pay the price are entertained. To create a distinction between those who have paid for the service and those who have not, buyers are handed out tickets which they can show as evidence of their payment.

Tickets are incredibly vital for organizing any kind of event, be it business-related or personal because they help ensure that only the authorized individuals are allowed inside. Hence, most hosting entities cannot do without tickets.

Types of Travel Ticket Templates

There are various different kinds of travel ticket templates based on the organization that is using them and the purpose they are being used for. Following are some of the few examples of the different types of travel ticket templates.

Travel ticket templates based on the vehicle.

Different mediums of travel require a different kinds of tickets which is why it is important to select the template that goes with the travel medium for which you are selling or providing the tickets. Below you can Find different type of travel ticket templates designed in Microsoft Word format.

#1 – Bus Travel

Bus Travel Booking Online Ticket Template

#2 – Cruise Raffle Ticket

Printable Cruise Raffle Ticket Template

#3 – Travel Agency Ticket

Best Online Travel Agency Ticket Format

#4 – Travel Raffle

Blank Travel Raffle Ticket Design Template

#5 – Fake Plane Ticket

Fake Plane Ticket Invitation Template

#6 – Airline Ticket

FREE Printable Airline Ticket Template Word

#7 – Cruise Travel Ticket

Editable Cruise Travel Ticket Online Template

Travel ticket templates based on the theme.

There could be various themes that you would want for your travel ticket template according to personal preference, time of the year, kind of travel event, etc. Following are three examples of themes that you could choose.

#8 – Holiday Themed

Modern Holiday Themed Travel Ticket Template

#9 – Vintage Themed

Vintage Themed Airline Ticket Template with Boarding Pass

#10 – Gift Themed

Gift Themed Printable Airline Ticket Template

Some Tips and Tricks to Create the Most Effective Travel Ticket

Coming up with a travel ticket template is easy. However, if you are designing one from scratch, it might help to follow some tips to end up with a great result. Following are two easy tricks that can help you come up with the perfect travel tickets.

Select a theme: Do not start designing your travel ticket template without a theme in your mind. Having a theme could help organize your ideas and make the template look much more coherent and aesthetic.

Keep your target audience in mind: It is extremely important to design your tickets keeping in mind your target audience and the travel medium. A bus ticket could be fun, colorful, and messy, but an airline ticket has to be more sophisticated and elegant.