Download 20+ Rack Card Design IDEAs with Examples for MS Word

Marketing takes many shapes when we look around at the practices of business organizations. It usually depends on the task at hand and the need of the hour when a specific marketing tool is picked and used. Marketing and advertisement use a whole lot of tools and techniques to pursue prospective buyers. And, the rack card is just one of them. The rack card carries the promotional messages just like any other print or electronic media ad. It will, however, offer more details and a path forward. It will offer little extra information as compared to a standard video message, and this is why it is used that commonly.

The rack cards are, however, specific and limited to a particular scenario. They cannot just be used in any scenario but only in areas that have sufficient traffic of prospective buyers. The information is delivered to the people passing through the specific corridors or waiting in the lobbies of an office. It is particularly true about banks and agro firms, but today, the concept is widely used by many other entities.

Rack card templates are developed and distributed by almost every business entity around us. They are used for specific reasons and during specific scenarios. One can serve prospects with an ample amount of information by using rack cards.

What is a rack card?

A rack card is a multifaceted pamphlet that carries promotional information. It informs, persuades, and offers a solution to the reader. The primary purpose of a rack card is to engage a prospective buyer with useful information. Once a reader finds it feasible to read the card, it will take the reader to the next level, i.e., it will persuade for a specific action. And, if the prospect is convinced and reads it through then, it will offer a solution towards the end.

It is an excellent tool to promote sales in areas that receive a definite number of traffic or flow of people. People can pick an attractive card from the rack or pamphlet holder and can read it for further details. The functionality of the use of the card will rely solely on the card developer.

What is the exact size of a rack card?

There is no specific limitation in size when it comes to the rack card size. But it needs to fit the leaflet holder and must be easy to accommodate in smaller envelopes and pockets. Different business entities use single, double, and even beyond tri/three-fold rack cards. It depends on the amount of information to be added to the card. The common rack card templates are, however, carved around "4×9".

Some firms are also known to use the "3.5×8.5" size cards. Similarly, the "3.9×8.3" size is also in use across the United States. Generally, the size of a rack card depends on the amount of information that is delivered to the reader.

Download Printable Rack Card Templates

Download elegantly designed rack card templates for Microsoft Word. These card designed for different types of professions with beautiful vector graphic images.

#1 - Business Expo

Download Business Expo Rack Card Template for MS Word

#2 - Car Wash

Car Wash Card Template

#3 - Charity

Charity Rack Card Template

#4 - Church

Church Rack Card Design

#5 - Construction Company

Construction Company Rack Card Template

#6 - Counselling Service

Counselling Service Rack Card Sample

#7 - Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Rack Card Example

#8 - Father's Day

Father's Day Card IDEA

#9 - Funeral Service

Funeral Service Rack Card Format

#10 - Hair Salon

Hair Salon Rack Card Template

#11 - Health Insurance

Health Insurance Rack Card

#12 - Hospital

Hospital Rack Card Template

#13 - Hotel

Hotel Rack Card Sample

#14 - Marketing Seminar

Marketing Seminar DL Rack Card

#15 - Medical

Medical Rack Card Template

#16 - Mobile App

Mobile App Rack Card Template

#17 - Real Estate

Real Estate Rack Card Example

#18 - Tax Service

Tax Service Rack Card Template

#19 - Barber Shop

Barber Shop Rack Card Design

#20 - Photography Service

Photography Service Rack Card

How to develop an outstanding rack card?

A rack card will be considered outstanding if it will be able to transfer prospective buyers into the clients. One can say that it is the promotional information and the supportive details that make a card look outstanding. But that's not all when we speak about persuasion. The card needs to be persuasive in design and graphics as well for it to make an impact. Here is how you can achieve it for your rack card templates.

Choose a catchy color scheme

People looking for some additional details during their stay in the waiting area are likely to pick a card to give it a random reading. But that's not the aim when you are throwing your cards in the racks. The racks need to catch the attention of every passer and should be captivating from all perspectives. Tell you what; the color of an item is the first thing that catches the viewer's eye.

Hence, you should never forget this fact while designing your rack card templates. Choose a catchy color scheme that will be harder to ignore by a person passing by the rack.

Add a bold header on the top

People passing through the corridors or sitting in the waiting area can be allured with a catchy color scheme. But what if they do not find something specific in the first look. Remember, you need to provide a reason to pick a card after catching the attention of a viewer. And, you can do it by adding a bold header. The header will tell it all about the content of a rack card. The reader will be inclined to pick up the card if the header could prove appealing to his/her needs.

Add the key points right under the bold header

Add supportive details and make things look more intriguing for the reader. A viewer will be ready to read the rest of the pamphlet if he finds helpful content in the first place. Hence, never forget to add key points or subheadings under the header. These key points or subheadings will make your rack card templates look even interesting. They will prompt the reader to continue reading.

Start your body with something appealing

Although every sentence of your rack card template needs to carry something appealing for the reader, but the beginning needs to be awesome. It should offer something useful to the reader and make one get to the next step. The contents or details of your pamphlet need to provide critical information about a specific good or service that you are offering. You can also highlight the critical offers by adding colored backgrounds.

Offer a solution and add a call to action

You are advised to offer a solution or set of solutions in the middle of the content. You need to remain subtle while offering solutions. Once you are done with offering a solution, the next vital thing to do is adding the call to action. The call-to-action is the only thing you have worked all the way through. All of your rack card templates need to have a call-to-action to complete the content on a high note.